i want to say that i live and breathe
to tear out of this facade that tries to hold me back

that i live for something
what the world tells me is the
real thing.

this ain't the real thing.

and if by wearing a ring on my finger
i can spit in the face of a stereotype
that says my body
& my heart
are for free?

i'll wear it so hard

because my skin is
sacred ground

place of

i'm living to be that
weird girl who
swims against the rapids
because she's

burning alive

i am burning alive.
i am a stranger,
a freak
an anomaly
in this world.

i want to believe
i want to be the river in a wilderness
where loyalty
and patience
and trust
is scarce and barely breathing.

i want to be that dot on the graph chart that
throws the rest of the data off.

i want to be that one
who lives for something

i want to be that one.

and i don't care who you are,
what you've done,
where you've been,
what you've thought about yourself,

you are

and you can be that one too.

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  1. THIS WAS KIND OF AMAZING, SO GO YOU FOR BEING SO AWESOME. Your writing is so lyrical and smooth. Also, your photography is flawless.

    I love the message of this page because #truth!!


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