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all my friends call me kate.

i'm a daughter, a sister, and a military wife. i'm known for my stories, my wanderlust, and my love for my Savior. i've been caught eating cereal at midnight, staring at the stars, and paddling hard for a good wave. I'm a sucker for campfires, good coffee, backwards snapbacks, and national parks. Like the Grand Tetons, i am young, restless, and still rising. 1 Timothy 4:12.

writing stories is how i understand the world. 

I've been telling stories ever since before i can remember. writing has always been my go-to, my refuge, my outlet; the way that i understand and express my deepest thoughts and feelings. to misquote chariots of fire, "when i write, i feel his pleasure."

I released my first novel (the first book in my sci-fi/fantasy thriller series) The Blood Race August 2017, and it's available here! :) If you would like to stay updated (and follow my writing journey), join my email circle on my author website here.

the road feels like home to me

by nature, I have itchy feet. I get restless easily, and traveling has been a passion my parents nurtured in me since I was little. whether I'm on a road trip with my family, backpacking with my husband, or out on a surf trip, my gypsy heart goes wild when the wind is whipping in my hair, the asphalt is whooshing past below, or the ground is fading from view as I take to the sky. when i'm not writing down the stories i make up in my head, i'm writing about the journeys, the adventures, and this big, wide, wild place we call home.

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  1. love your blog!!! Found it through another and will be following for sure


  2. This blog is gorgeous Katie!!! I can't wait to explore it! ❤️ -Abbie C. (chroniclesinbloom.wordpress.com)

  3. oooh, you and your blog sound interesting :) I found it through Burning Youth which I LOVE reading btw <3
    nicole // nicolesmind.com

    1. So glad to hear that, Nicole! Thank you so much for your sweet words!


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