wandering: rome


rome was a hot, buzzing, golden blur. 

it was old bricks and stones and quiet streets of parked mopeds. it was pizza and espresso and clinking our new wedding bands together as we held hands. it was open-roof bus rides, the crash of fountains, and the roar of crowds. it was jet lag and sleeping all day. it was listening to music waft up from the streets at night.

rome was being astounded by the oldness. the many, many feet that have walked those streets; Paul, Luther, so many others. it was artwork; Michelangelo, Raphael. the hush of the Sistine chapel, the yawning view from the top of St. Peter's. it was long walks in the evening, watching the buildings glow just like in roman holiday, listening to the buskers on the sidewalk.

it was old and new and alive and chaotic and messy and delicious and big. i misspelled delicious and google suggested delirious... it was that too, tbh.

Where have you been wandering lately?? Tell me about your latest adventure, whether it was across the world, or across town. Also, what's your favorite and/or dream European destination?



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  1. THE PICTURES ARE LOVELY. Rome seems like a marvelous place. I hope you had fun! :)

  2. omg. KATE. these are STUNNING. it looks/sounds like such a glorious trip. all the pictures are jaw-dropping but i have a particular fondness for the one with the teal sky above the pic of the teatro dell opera. how wonderful you two could have such an adventure. and i'd have to say the Lake District in England is one dream European destination for me. but who am i kidding. i'd love to go anywhere in Europe...

  3. THIS

  4. OMW THE BEAUTY IN THESE PICS!!! What a dream honeymoon spot!!!

  5. This is so beautiful! I absolutely love it! You are such a skilled photographer Kate! I recently visited Denver (though I didn't get any photos of the scenery *cries* ) I got some flight photos tho! Dream trip? I hope to visit Korea or Israel one day ❤️

  6. THESE PICTURES ARE GORGEOUS!!!! Looks like y'all had fun!

    - Maddy | littlebitofsunshineweb.blogspot.com

  7. OMG YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD PHOTOGRAPHER <33 I love all these pictures so much!

    And wow Rome looks so amazing. I'd love to visit there sometime (haha it's on my very, very long list of places to see) xD I really want to go out to the American West and see all the lovely places out there.

    Lately I've been exploring America's old capital--Anaapolis. Beautiful, clean old town! This inspired me to take some pics next time I go ;)

  9. Wowwww, such BEAUTIFUL pictures! You did such a good job.
    Did you just get married? I'm super sorry if that question wasn't obvious and I just didn't get it or I'm completely wrong or something. xP
    I've really been wandering in my writing, which was totally not the subject, but that's sort of the first thing I thought of. I scratched it three times, and now I've got an idea but I don't know how to start it. UGH.
    My latest adventure would be jumping in on a teen jazz class when I hadn't danced in seven years, but I also started a couple weeks late. I thought I didn't like it because I didn't know any of the steps, but then I kept practicing and decided to do it. Now it's such a blessing!
    And I think I would really like to visit the United Kingdom (if that's even still a part of Europe I don't follow politics), Wales, England, France....and his ISN'T Europe but Scotland. xD

  10. HOLY PHOTOS!!! you are quite a formidable photographer. wow. what equipment do you use? the whole atmosphere of these photos is so beautiful. i love the dreamy colors.
    looks awesome. <3 rome seems like a lovely place.


  11. Yes, like Sophy said - the atmosphere in these photos is amazing, something I've never felt in photos of Rome I've seen before. It must've been incredible to go to a place that is so full of history and stories. Thanks for letting us be a part of it. xx

  12. Oooh, these photos are stunning. Rome looks like such an amazing place to travel to and explore!

  13. Your photos are words are beautiful! I would love to visit anywhere in Europe. I just got back from a weekend in Savannah, GA; lots of great history and lots of great food!


  14. These photos are absolutely breathtaking, oh my goodness. <3 I've always wanted to visit Europe. So many places to visit, so much wanderlust.

  15. YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY IS BREATHTAKING. You make me want to go to Rome right now but I'm in bed so it'll have to wait until the morning.

    Can you teach me how to take epic photos like yours?? <3 also; I'm going to steal your shorts in that one pic. Okay?

    xx Kenzie

  16. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. This looks so old and rich and thought-provoking ... and you take gorgeous pictures! Love the idea of "clinking wedding bands together", too ;) <3


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