namaste sunday

papa, thank you for teaching me peace. not shallow peace, but deep, thick peace. peace that says even when i'm busy, and things are crazy, and the storm is raging inwardly or outwardly, I can free fall backwards into your arms because you? you've got me.

papa, thank you that you catch me every time. thank you that you are with me when i'm on the mountaintop, with me when i'm wandering around in the valley with the shadows like a lost little child. thank you that you are always with me, breathing down into my lungs, kissing life onto my lips, sighing your song into my heart, weaving your sunlight through my hair, my fingertips. leading me, driving me, dancing with me, sweeping me off my feet.

papa, you made death die; you gave me your life. i am so profoundly in love with you. thank you for this joy. thank you for taking the bricks out of my fists and telling me that i am not a machine, thank you for telling me that i am new. that i am here to enjoy and revel and party in all that is you.

thank you for swallowing earth, papa. xo


k a t e


  1. Beautiful words, not that I know what it all means. It sounds peaceful. These photos are absolutely lovely and you sound like you're in a great state of mind.

    I've tagged you in the TMI tag. Please check it out x

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words, M! & For the tag! I will totally be checking it out. <3

  2. Oh, what lovely words. I think this is the greatest gift we can be given: the utter joy of humanity, and the peace of knowing that whatever choices we make will lead us down the right path in the end. This is such a timely reminder - thank you so much for sharing. xx

    Topaz (Six Impossible Things)

    1. Your words are a blessing to me, Topaz-- I couldn't agree more!


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