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part one

you are a multifaceted being.

when you were little, people would look down into those eager eyes of yours and ask what you wanted to be when you grew up, because somehow, who you were already wasn't enough. "Pick something" and they would suggest professions of which you knew nothing about.

when we were children, it was enough to be who we were; messy and wide-eyed, curious, daredevils without a cause. Somewhere along the line, we often lose this sense of wonder and acceptance in this chaotic idea that we have to "be somebody." Truth is? You already are somebody, young'n.

you don't have to be silicone-- you don't have to be one thing. Being human means that you are your own little galaxy. In fact, science proves it, because your body is mapped out like the cosmos, and you've got crazy stuff going on inside of you. Atoms, quarks, strings, really far out stuff. As planets spin circles around stars and tap-dance delicately with the sun, there is a big, wide rhythm to those bones of yours.

tidy, routine orbits are singing simultaneously with the supernovas-- and I daresay this explains why I can whisper, scream, write, surf, and eat peanut butter. This explains why I can play guitar and also write poetry, watch war movies but also kick back to the quiet of violin folk. This is how I can believe in an encompassing God and love the environment around me. Why I can wear army boots one day and flipflops the next.

we are multifaceted; there is so much to us 

you weren't designed to be a chooser of one thing. In fact, the opposite was in mind when you were being shaped like clay. You were meant to be a wonder. A maker of things that are good, a lover and a fighter and an explosion of something just beyond our grasp.

you are a shape and a color, a sight and a sound, and you are beautiful. You're on purpose. You have something about you that none of us have. There's something only you can do. 

it's not about becoming something. That's the wrong question to ask-- we shouldn't be asking kids what they want to be, we should be telling them who they already are: the so many beautiful things they already are. Because we were meant for so much more that an identification tag that spells out what we make a living doing.

what if I make a living repairing computer hard drives, or working at a friggin lip balm factory, but what I really love is painting-- or baking. Or writing songs. But yet people ask me what I do, or what I "grew up to be", and my answer is all like: lip balm maker. Hard drive repairer.

How exactly does this make sense? 

The codes hand-carved into the universe teaches us that there's way more going on that we first realized. There are comets out there, but there's also moons. And meteor showers, and suns, and planets, and satellites. 

If you asked space what it does, it wouldn't just tell you "make shooting stars" because it's doing a lot of other things too. 

so this means that you can be a writer. And you can also work as an anthropologist. You can be a peanut butter eater and a heavy metal music listener, a watcher or stars and a writer of scripts. You can be all of those things, because who you really are is big, wide, space. You're made of the stuff of stars. Your soul's desire is for more space to manifest all these hundreds of thousands of shards of divinity.

how monotone would a day be if it consisted only of a morning, with no afternoon, evening, or twilight to follow? How boring would a song be if it only carried one pitch in the timbre? 

let me tell you, there is nothing monotone about stars. Stars and space and planets, and you. It's all really, really interesting and good. We're hurtling through space at approximately 66,666 mph and we are made of stoke. There's so much going on. Nothing is boring, like at all.

it's not weird to do all of the things that you do. The juggling act is something to be embraced, enjoyed-- savored. It's all part of you. It would be weird if you weren't all over the place. 

Entropy is home. And it's all rather glorious.

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  1. Ah this was a breath of fresh air. Recently I've been worrying so much about growing up and choosing a path, because it feels so limiting. As a kid I could dream big dreams. In one day I could be a world famous detective, diplomat, princess, real estate agent, secretary, and Oregon Trail blazing pioneer. These days it feels like time to make a choice. What am I really going to become? It seems that every time I take a step toward one dream, I'm taking a step away from hundreds of others. And yet you helped me realize that I shouldn't limit myself. I shouldn't stay bound within the chains of what I do for a living. I can be multifaceted. Not just in my imagination, but (to some extent) in reality.

    1. AGREED. So much, Susanna. I'm glad that this was an encouragement to you :)

  2. This was beautiful! And it really spoke to me. This last year or so, I've been presuring myself to find the perfect career, to choose who I am and what I want to do for the rest of my life. This made me realize that I don't have to chose between the things I'm passionate about. I can do them all for my entire life. My career won't define me. I can be a writer and a musician, and actress and a linguist. I can be anything and everything. Thank you for writing this, it was really helpful. (-:

    1. I'm soo glad that this could speak to you, Elizabeth. I definitely know the pressure that you're talking about. It can be super hard sometimes. But stay strong and focus on the things that you LOVE. You're gonna do amazing things, girl

  3. I love this. Lately I've been realising more and more that yeah, I may want to have a nice stable job as a doctor or financial worker or something when I'm older, but I can still enjoy writing or drawing or over-analysing social situations or doing whatever the hell I want. There's no set categories or labels for anyone. We're all so individually complicated, like your analogy of us being single universes. This world has so many beautiful people, and it's worthwhile knowing their stories, while also letting yours run wild.

    The Life of Little Me

  4. Yes, yes, yes. So many people push you to pursue just one thing, but it's okay to love many things.

  5. How is it that you always know exactly what I need to hear?
    I've been trying my whole life to find that one thing I can do with the rest of my life, but my problem is that there are a billion things I'm passionate about and want to do with my life. I don't want to pick just one. I guess I'm sill learning that I don't have to...

    1. aww, I'm so glad! That really means a lot to me...I am so glad that this had meaning for you, Hannah

  6. Kaaaaaate! You literally spoke what I was learning/thinking from my worldview camp last week. -- we are God's and no matter what we do, his plan is being fulfilled. We don't have to worry about sticking to something or another thing. We are in his hands and no matter what door we go through, he'll never let us fall. It's so great to hear you speak about following all that God has given us. Careers cannot categorize Christians. (Sorry for the tongue twister ;) we are amazing people no matter what path we follow-- and as Christians (and human being for that matter) all paths will end up winding and splitting off. It's one of the many adventures of life.

    Thanks so much for the post!!


    1. RIGHT ON, Katrina. Couldn't have said it better. Sounds like an awesome camp you went to there! :D

  7. wow Katie! this is incredible! I'm kinda going through this's really hard when it seems like everyone wants you to be SOMETHING, and you just kinda want to be YOU. awesome post! (as usual :D )

    1. BE YOUUUU-- YOU IS AWESOME. YOU IS THE BEST. :D Thank you so much for your sweet words, dear!


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