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It's been a while since I've reviewed an album, but yesterday two seriously special things happened. 1. My amazing sister turned 18 (happy birthday, Abbie!) and 2. Jordan Taylor of Messy Mondays (Blimey Cow channel) released his debut album Long Drive!

I've been incredibly stoked for Jordan to release an album since the 2012 music video release of "Beginning."I watch Messy Monday's every (you guessed it) Monday, so I had heard a lot about Jordan's music and progression towards an album, and then bam-- yesterday finally comes and IT'S HERE AT LAST.

*ahem* So lets do this in an orderly fashion. First off, if you are unsure about what Blimey Cow, or Messy Mondays is? LEAVE MY BLOG AND NEVER COME BACK.

Just kidding. No wait-- stay! Stayyyyy.... *hugs your ankles and is dragged*

Blimey Cow is my favorite YouTube channel, and they release a new video every Monday in a show called Messy Mondays, which is one of the best things I've ever stumbled upon online. The first video I ever saw was this one right here, and having grown up being homeschooled, I found it incredibly easy to relate to and just down right awesome. They also release other videos, not just on Monday, so go check out the channel, subscribe, etc. Do whatever you do on YouTube. (You will thank me later for telling you to do this, kiddo. Trust.)

OKAY. So now let's talk about Long Drive!

1. The album as a whole is amazing. It's pretty rare that I can buy an album and love every song on it. Usually there are a few songs that I've heard a lot about, or loved as single-releases, so I will kind of purchase the album for those few songs, and often skip "filler music" to get to the songs I connect the most with. However, every once in a while, you find an artist who causes you to just relax, kick back and know you're in good hands, and Jordan Taylor's Long Drive was like that for me.

I did a complete listen-through right off the bat; track one through track twelve. I was so glad that I listened to it that way first, because the song layout is crafted so perfectly like a journey, Long Drive is seriously the perfect title, because that is precisely what it feels like: a progression. Each track telling a story. Which leads me to...

2. The lyrics. Jordan has become one of one of my new all time favorite artists lyrically, because his songs are so unique and purple cow. (Which means they stand out and break the norm. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term. I thought it was fitting. For multiple reasons.) One of the things that stood out to me the most while listening, is the fact that Jordan never sacrifices the meaning and vibe of the song for the sake of rhyming. No fire/desire effect. I love the uniqueness and (serious) relatability of the lyrics. They're not fluffy, or recycled. They're super-fresh, they're bold, sweet, and at some points chilling. (Thinking about Separation here.)

3. JORDAN'S VOICE. So up until the release of "Need Each Other", I had never really heard Jordan's singing voice (not counting the MM episode about writing worship songs) and I must admit, I was pretty blown away. Some of the notes he hits kind of just leave you sitting there with literal chills. (again, Separation comes to mind, but also Home, Listen...) His voice has a soft, buttery kind of tone that marries the acoustic guitar like they were a match made in heaven, but also adopts a more gritty, yell-y vibe as you get deeper into the album. It's a perfect blend. (And I would be lying if I didn't add that somewhere in my imagination I heard (in a Big Head Kid voice) "his voice is an ocean that I want to swim in..") (...Okay I'm done.) [/geek moment]

4. What kind of review would this be if I didn't at least make you guys listen to me rant a little about which songs were my favorite?

I have to say Separation takes number one for me. (big surprise, I know.) For me it was just one of those songs that had me within the first few lines. It's the kind that hits you right in the heart: "whoa." which is actually what I said. Aloud. While I was listening to this. By myself. (hey, let they who have never talked to themselves cast the first stone!) But honestly, what a DEEP song. I found myself fishing around for scuba gear, that's how deep this thing went. (And the Kelli feat was amazing. Her voice is gorgeous. (her blog. Check it.))

My thoughts don't lead to sleep,
my head's been spinning around,
around me.
When I'm with you are you with me?
Is this all for nothing?

After Separation, Home would be a seriously close second. I love the stoked, western vibe. Very pumped-up, vibrant song; gritty, and gets kind of yell-y, but then soft. It's very classic, and it actually kind of reminds me of The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel. By the end of the song, all you will want to do is help poor Jordan find his way home.

Go home,
I wanna go home
go home,
but where's my home?

And lastly This Moment. It's like the musical embodiment of summer evenings, porch swings, popsicles, sunroofs, falling in love, walks in the forest...gah. All the lovely things. Oh, and the "la, la, la" sequences! Vocal perfection.

That's when I realized,
I'm at home in your eyes,
how could this be considered wasting time?

5. The vibe. This album is one of the most unique I've listened to in a long time. It's incredibly pure and fresh. It's upbeat, but it has lower, grittier tones too. There's a bit of a vintage, classic flair here and there, and over all, each of the components compliment each other perfectly. I can't tell you anything I didn't like about the album. BECAUSE THERE WAS NOTHING I DISLIKED. I thoroughly enjoyed every little bit. Major props, Jordan Taylor. You rocked it! You rock it. You rocket. get the picture.

If you love me, you will go and buy this album! Listen, share it with your friends, write comments below and tell me which songs are your favorites, etc.)

p.s. I didn't know about the lyric booklet until after I wrote this review. I hand typed those lyrics. HAND TYPED. #dedication #hopefullytheyreaccurate

p.s.s. while listening to the album, my phone had a little conniption during "Beginning" and started playing that one song repeat. I wasn't looking at my phone, so I didn't realize. It was also on cross-fade, so after a while, I was like ", this is a really long instrumental." I honestly don't know how many times I listened to that track. xD but hey, it's great so I didn't really mind.


  1. A+ review, Kate! Jordan's album is just amazing. So much talent. His guitar playing gives me goosebumps.

    Man, Blimey Cow is just the best ever. I'm so glad that you're a fan too!

    1. Thank you bunches, Hannah! I know right?? Jordan has MAJOR guitar skills.

  2. This is such a great review!! I knew he released an album but I thought it was all acoustic, so I was like, ehhh. Whatev. But now I'm definitely going to check it out!

    P.s. that homeschooling video was my introduction to blimey Cow as well :3 so good. And accurate!

    1. YESS totally check it out, I think you will love it. It started out as just being an istrumental, but then he added lyrics and sang-- I was soo stoked. So cool that you're a fan too!! ^_^ Their homeschooling videos are the BEST

  3. Awesome review! I too am one who first discovered Blimey Cow through their homeschooler video, and I have watched their videos every Monday since. :)
    I haven't heard many songs on Jordan's new album, except for Need Each Other (my sister actually entered his cover contest)...
    But anyway, I'm def. going to be checking it out more!

    1. Their videos are just so hilarious and awesome-- and true! That's so cool that your sister entered the cover contest!

  4. Thanks for the review! I remember hearing about his album, and didn't know that it finally came out! Ahh blimey cow is the best- I fell in love with the first one I saw: how to talk to a guy or something like that. I'd have to say the youth group ones are the best though.

    Thanks again! I'm gonna have to listen to the album now :)


    1. YES, IT'S OUT! I hope you enjoy it! And thank you so much for your kind words <3 I'm glad you enjoyed the review


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