that stupid smile like someone in love

last night I wept because I realized that God thinks about me like a lover thinks about his love. I had realized it before, but I'm realizing it again, deeper. 

he is jealous for me. loves like a hurricane, i am a tree  

we spend a lot of time longing for more of him, aching for him, but I think its a little more rare that we think about how much he longs for us. How you may be like, "I want more of you God", but at the same time he's like "no, seriously, I want more of you. I'm so starving for you. All I want to do is be with you, surround myself with you."

You're God's thing. He lays awake at night thinking about you. He smiles that stupid smile like someone in love. Because he is in love. 

It seems like a really simple thing, but yet at the same time, when you feel it, when it pours over you like torrents of a waterfall, it leaves you in awe, drowning in something you didn't see coming. 

"God's love" has been rolled around so much, it's almost like sometimes it doesn't really hit us anymore. It's not a stained glass window kind of love, love that is stern and foreign on our tongues and too big to get-- no. He's affectionate, he's passionate, he thinks about you, that skin and bone and face and hands and is like "ohhh wow. I love her."

He thinks of you like a man in love. He has our hearts, yes. But we have his.

So I guess I've been thinking about what true love is.

k a t e
ps. love vs sex piece from my tumblr. 
p.s.s. listen to this


  1. wow, how often do i forget that! i feel like He has really been reminding me of this lately… and that the only relationship i need is one between him and me, that is all… xoxojana
    p.s. these photos are causing extreme hair envy…

  2. I had never thought of this in that way before, but oh how I needed to hear it <3

  3. I really needed to hear have such a way with words, you drive your point home and make me believe it before I even fully understand what you're saying...and then when I understand what you're saying, when I understand what it is I've just realized...
    How does this kind of unending beauty live inside one person's head?

  4. amen! how i wish i read this post about 6 years ago. i'm so proud and happy to read such truth and love from your blog. it is a rare thing to speak love AND truth. keep up the great work girl, i love reading your thoughts. xx

  5. You have such a fascinating way of looking at things. It's inspiring. To be very honest, I sometimes struggle with believing that God - who is perfect and holy - could love someone as imperfect as me. I guess that's what makes it so wonderful, though. He loves the unlovable. <3

  6. Seriously, Kate. <3. Like all of your posts I so love this. That's really all I can say.



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