she doesn't know how to swim

She's just a young soul
she doesn't know serious
she doesn't know war

doesn't know her own beating heart

she thinks she loves him
and that he loves her

but she doesn't know love
like she doesn't know serious
like she doesn't know war

she gets up on stage with the cup in her mouth
and says "shoot"

Because she doesn't know about bullets
like she doesn't know about him
like she doesn't know what an empty kiss feels like

she's just a young soul
jumping off the deep end
before she knows how to swim

she doesn't know how to swim


lately has been a trip. It's been sunshine and bonfires and long surf sessions with saltwater lungs that sting. It's been catharsis and collecting and time to heal. 

But for now, I leave you with a promise to catch up on all of your beautiful blogs that I've missed so much, messages, etc. 

And also a poem. Up dare. 

soon = catch up.

k a t e 


  1. your 'lately' sounds wonderful, enjoy enjoy.
    the poem is beautiful.

  2. Oh Kate, your words! This poem is my new favorite.

  3. "she's just a young soul
    jumping off the deep end
    before she knows how to swim"
    man, how relatable is that? great work girl!

    1. written from lots of experience right there, haha. thank you so much, Jana!

  4. why are you so talented??? I have jealousy.

    1. awww girl thank you. AND YOU ARE SOO MUCH AMAZING TALENT. like seriously. it's crazy

  5. ahh this poem *heart eyes*
    loving your blog. ^_^

    1. Gahh, thank you girlie! Your comment made me smile big ^_^


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