vagabond poet, punk rockers + co

"and so David escaped to the cave of adullam. when his brothers and others associated with his family heard where he was, they went and joined up with him. and it wasn't just his family, but actually everyone-- all the outcasts, the wanderers, vagabonds, faded, soft-spoken, misfit, odd-ones-out, jaded, broken and torn. and David became their leader." - one samuel twenty two || the messy and paraphrased translation, by me

and so we read about a colony of misfits, and imperfects. a crowd, a group, a gig made up of all the unlabeled throw-outs of society at the time. lead by someone equally as imperfect-- someone who didn't have it all together, but whose very name means 'God's beloved'.

A big mob of mold-breakers and punk rockers, gathered at a cave and lead by a vagabond poet and song-writer.

This is some of the stuff we often miss-- the color, the timbre and the spice between the lines of text. This was raw, real, happening, dangerous and made up of every day you and I's.

Sometimes its like, we hear that this is about cleaning up and trying harder, but when we keep our eyes open, and when we read stuff like this, we find that its all radically not unlike how we feel and think and are. That its real and reaches deep.

That its a book full of us in all of our messy, disheveled glory. its an embrace, its a call-out, its a massive party with loud bass, and everyone's here. We are beloved, loved, within, without and inside the storm.

the invite goes something like: come to the cave. bring your mess. we're all figuring it out together.


  1. I need more words like this in my life. I constantly feel like I have to have it all together in order to be a "good" Christian or for God to love me, and sometimes it's hard to convince myself that that's not true. <3 thanks for this! You are a gem.


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