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I find it interesting that there's this cliche out there, that people who talk to themselves are crazy. What makes it funny is the fact that we all talk to ourselves, whether in word, thought or action. We dictate the stories we write in our own minds.

We all talk to ourselves inside of our head when we look ourselves in the mirror everyday. And I know this seems painfully simple, but I've been discovering its importance more and more lately.

Loving ourselves is a choice that we make. And in fact, we can only ever really, fully pour ourselves out to others when we learn to embrace this beautiful skin, bone and brain that God has kissed the earth with in us. God tells us with each breath that we are valuable and infinite.

For a long time, when I would feel insecure about myself, or find myself fearing and becoming anxious, I would be all like "this is wrong for me to think this way, I have to stop." And I would focus on "stopping". The thing was, that never really seemed to work, in fact it would sometimes makes my fears seem even bigger than they were before.

I love the way Jon Foreman puts it in the Switchfoot song "Against the Voices", he says, 

Cause everybody knows, 
the hardest war to fight
Is the fight to be yourself
When the voices try to turn you into someone else

The voices-- we all hear those, right? They can only ever turn you into someone you are not if you allow them to. If I am to be the things that I fear, I have to give those fears permission. I have to consciously say "here's the keys, overtake me." There is no such thing as a mutiny here-- we are in control, and we have a choice.

In the most practical sense, this means I look in the mirror, and instead of comparing myself to someone else, or thinking negative thoughts about myself, I say,

I totally dare you to print this and keep it. like, somewhere where you can read it. often.^

And I say those things because they are true. True of myself, and true of you.

True words are good. Really. good. stuff.

Talk to yourself. Talk to yourself boldly, and tell yourself things that are true, don't just repeat the same old lies that the voices tell you. "Let them keep talking to themselves", as the rest of the song says, don't listen to them-- don't hand over the keys to your heart and mind.

You are designed for peace. Seriously.

I tell you all of this because I am driven to live this life. I hear the voices and I've spent time cowering under that fear, and I don't want to do that anymore. I want to live in the life that is truly, honestly, actually life. And that life is love, and it starts with loving y-o-u.

We don't love who we are because we should, we love who we are because He first loved who we are. The word-made-flesh, this unbelievable mash of God and humankind, tells us he loves us, and that we're like him. We're "living letters" living words of God in skin. We are that word.

So love it! Love it recklessly and fully. Embrace who you are because you've literally been living in his embrace for a very, very, very long time.  

SO! Here's how this party works:

First, 6 questions, then 10 tags. And...yep, actually that's it. Woo, simple! Oh, and copy and paste the directions, and whatever photos you like from this post. (literally any. or all. or whatever. THIS IS A FREE FOR ALL, HAVE FUN.) (;

grab this image! ^ right here. this one. don't be shy. 
1. tell me about someone you love, and why

2. what is one thing you do that makes you feel all like "man, I could do this forever" when you do it?

3. what do you love about yourself?

4. what advice would you give to someone who doesn't believe she/he is beautiful?

5. what is the best piece of advice you've ever gotten about confidence?

6. If you were your own daughter, what advice would you give yourself? 

7. a verse, poem, sonnet, ancient-old proverb that inspires you to love yourself and others?

And now tags! I love you all and literally EVERYONE (on earth...and in outer space too, I guess.) is invited to take part!

I. love. you. guys. to littlebitsandpiecesforever. You're beautiful and darn amazing.

x o 

k a t e 

p.s. that song, btw? you really should have a listen! Here.
p.s.s. spoken worrrd thing coming soon!


  1. I love this. so much. I think that yes, this is talked about a lot, but somehow not enough. And not like this. You put this unique and totally legit perspective on this topic and as someone who has dealt with "the voices" this is so meaningful.

    I have so many thoughts on this that it's hard to focus. I will absolutely do this tag. And wow. This is the best idea ever, kate, and there is so much hard, true, truth here and it makes me so happy. Thank you for putting this out there. :) I'm so excited about this.

    1. Olivia thank you so much, girl! You are amazing. And your comment made my day and so touched my soul that you could relate too. We're all in this together.

  2. I'm new around here, but love it already. ^.^ Thank you for sharing your passion for life and love with all of us out here. It means a lot and I know that many people need to read this beautiful uplifting post!

    1. Evelyn, thank you so much! You are awesome. Know that deep in your bones. Because it is so true.

  3. You're so flipping awesome. #TRUTH <3 This is a beautiful idea, if I haven't already told you that. I love you, brilliant star.
    love, beezeebeans

  4. I was crying as I was reading this. Fighting "The Voices" is definitely something I struggle with.
    And thank you so, so, so much for tagging me! (I totally would've done it anyway, though ;)

    1. aww, Hannah girl, know that you are so not alone. Your words made my day. *hugs*

  5. This is a lovely tag because loving yourself is one of the most important things ever. Self confidence and the way you carry yourself is what makes it or breaks it. Your happiness depends on how much you love yourself.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Thank you so much, M! Aaand you are so invited to join the tag if you would like to take part ^_^ your kind words mean so much to me

  6. I loved reading this! So sorry I just came upon now though. May I still partake in the tag? xo thanks for tagging me by the way!

    1. Oh of course, girl! I would love for you to do this tag-- and thank you so much for your encouraging words, Danica. It means a lot <3

  7. Yes! all of the yes! thank you for sharing this! I adore Switchoot and I was actually just listening to that song yesterday. sucha great band.
    I love this tag and this post and this blog. you've got a new follower here!

    and is that you in your icon picture? you bear a slight resemblance to Zooey Deschanel. lol. not to be weird or anything. you look beautiful. anyhow, have a lovely day!


    1. aww, girl your comment (and sweet compliment!) totally made my day ^_^ thank you so much for following, it's so nice to meet you

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