the new thing! (dream sailor is now goodness revolt)

The new things that we talked about before? They've come to pass, guys-- isn't this just something?

I've discovered that I need a


It's a new year in a new world with new things-- and you know what the best part is?

everything is going to be okay.

So I used to be the Dream Sailor... and I still am. But now I want to call myself a revolutionary for all things that are good, lovely, deep, rich, delicious, perfect, wow. I want to search-out, hunt-down, find and devour those things. Because that's why we're here: because goodness has WON.

Welcome to The Goodness Revolt.

to everyone who has followed and commented and been just down right awesome this past year, I love you guys. Thanks for putting up with my blog changes... I can't wait to hear your feedback, thoughts, rants, etc!

x o 

k a t e


  1. I was worried for a bit there because I tried to get to your blog and couldn't, but I see you've been remodeling. :) It looks great! And your new title and the meaning behind is way cool. :) Happy new year!


    1. I knoww, I was freaking out because the domain name wasn't redirecting and I didn't realize it. x) I think it's sorted now though. Thank you so much, I'm glad you like my new layout, that means a lot. Happiest of new years, SW! It's gonna be a great one. (:

  2. Hi, can I join you in your new change? :D
    I love the name, and I think I'll be back!

    1. Of course! Thank you so much. I'm glad you like the name. I like it too, I must say. (:

  3. Awesome new name/design! This is so exciting. :)

  4. beautifulness!! i feel like i'm in a world that's black and white and lovely and comfy… and your new profile pic is adorable, just saying…

    1. d'awww, Jana you have made my day. So glad you like the new layout, you are too sweet!

  5. Hey Sailor!! :) :) well! I have OBVIOUSLY been gone for WAY too long... loving the new name!! It all looks so professional!! I still remember the first time I ever read Dream Sailor's lovely words and was hooked;)
    Im gonna have to catch up for a month or two lol!!!!
    ;) <3 from the other Kate:)


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