pulling out teeth

Sometimes we go through things that hurt. Like a loose front tooth-- we know that it needs to come out eventually, but we're afraid of the gap that pulling it will produce. We get caught up in things that we eventually come to realize are toxic, and that we need to bring that thing, whatever it is, to an end in our lives.

It's scary. Unbearable sometimes.

But sometimes this has to happen. Because the baby tooth-- even though it still looks so great and pearly white in that smile --it has to come out in order for something more mature to grow there.

If you're here, and you know that something has to come to a close, a door needs to shut, and you're standing at the edge of that cliff, staring down into that yawning blackness, scared to death? I just wanted to let you know:

me too.

And maybe you've been silently needing a nod/yes/validation. Maybe you haven't told anyone about this, or you can't, and so you just think about it, and toss and turn it over at night. If that's you, hey-- I'm there too. And may this be the 'yes' you've been looking for.

Its okay to let go. Because you know what?

Everything is going to be alright. I promise.

x o 

k a t e 


  1. Beautiful. Thanks, Kate. ♥♥

  2. This is beautiful Kate, and very relatable. Thanks for this post, and beautiful photography. Did you do it? It looks professional. (-:

    1. Hey, Elizabeth! <3 Thanks so much for the follow back. I did take the pictures-- thanks so much! Your sweet compliment made my day over here ^_^

  3. Beautiful words, dear. We all struggle sometimes, and get scared, frustrated at what's bound to happen. Sometimes letting yourself go is the best thing to do. What lasts, lasts. What doesn't, doesn't.

    1. Your words are so true Kasia... thank you <3


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