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It was ten below yesterday.

Ten. be. low. zero.

Life has been a mash-up of staying inside, fingers on the keyboard, glasses on the face, coffee going in the kitchen, and editing the monster that is my novel. My beautiful little monster. (Imagine me rubbing my hands together like a mad scientist here.)

It's easy to get overwhelmed, isn't it? Because we tend to look at the whole thing-- we look at the mile ahead rather than the next step, and then the next. I look at the 200,000 words and think "holy smokes, I'm insane." But progress, I'm finding, comes easiest from a calm and peaceful heart.

So lately I've been learning the art of chill, watching more surf movies, drinking more tea, baking occasionally, going for brisk afternoon walks, playing on the wood floor with the dogs, and writing 'i love you' emails to people who mean a lot to me, for no special reason-- just because.

So-- 3 things (or more) that have inspired you this week. Go.

s t a y   s t o k e d 

k a t e  

OH, and ps. something exciting. Sunday.


  1. the (very) cold is over here and i'm missing the staying inside, drinking tea kind of life. and what you said about progress is very true.. usually, i can only write with a calm and peaceful heart.

    3 things that inspired me this week:
    - friends that take chances
    - the way children look at the world
    - crimson wing: mystery of the flamingos music

    1. The way children look at the world never ceases to blow me away and fill me with awe. Thank you for the follow, D! (:

  2. What inspires me?

    -seeing my name on your blog (seriously, ily <3)
    -sharing poetry in writer's craft class (and getting good feedback)
    -rereading old journal entries

    1. Love you back, girlie! And that's awesome that you got good feedback on your poetry, I'm totally not surprised-- your writing is rich and beauteous. Just fyi.

  3. What's inspired me this week:

    -the way my husband serves me so joyfully
    -make up tutorials
    -my 80's new wave channel on. Pandora

    1. Sounds like a week of awesomeness, Danica! Finding new music and new tutorials is always a lot of fun


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