extend the brushstrokes

One morning recently my sister turned to me and said "we are so blessed."

She expounded on that thought later, and said something like "I woke up and there was sunshine outside, and there was a glass of water on the dresser-- clean drinking water. And I was in a nice warm house. And I was just thinking...wow. There is so much to be grateful for."

We have so much to be grateful for.

Because we do.

And when I forget that, I lose something vital to the sanity of my soul. I feel the sickest inwardly, at the times when I lose this most-- this deep sense of gratitude. Gratitude for the "little" things, for the big things, and for the love and the beautiful souls who surround me.

My life is so incredibly rich.
Our lives are rich.

Richness is our portion. And it's not fair, because its a gift and its free and it begs to be shared widely. I want to revel in this sense of thankfulness, and find more and more ways to extend the reaches of its brushstrokes. I want to own this massive canvas that is life. I want to bring in more colors.

I hope your christmas was absolutely smashing and gorgeous. Mine was spent on cookies with two of my favorite people.

x o 

k a t e 


  1. Your christmas certainly look amazing. We take too many things for granted. Moment of appreciation are so rare.

  2. Those photos are lovely. And yes, it's funny because on Christmas, I had a moment where I thought it was thanksgiving for like 2.5 seconds. Because all I could think about is how thankful I was for everything -- all the people are privileges I have in my life. We truly are blessed.

  3. hmm, yes. so much truth in this!

  4. You are absolutely truly right. Lovely photos ;) looks like you had a wonderful time. :)

  5. True. So often I forget to be thankful for the little blessings in life and prefer to complain about the small annoyances. And yet if I chose to focus on the small blessings, it would quickly become apparent how very beautiful my life is and how much I have to be thankful for.

    Beautiful photos and beautiful writing!


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