to Q+A vlog, or not to Q+A vlog, that is the question

I. So see that? There's this picture up there at says 'new stuff' in big sloppy sharpie marker? The dream sailor is getting a great, big revamp, the kind where I change the address, the name, the layout, everything-- it's going to be a trip isn't it? But I'm stoked, because there's so much new goodness I want to share with you guys, and this is going to help me be able to do that more and better.

II. Soo, we've got holidays and stuff coming up, which means free time (yay!) and doing fun stuff (more yay!) so I have a question for you awesome sauce kids: Q&A vlog? but only if y'all actually want to flood me with a bunch of questions that I can record my geeky self answering. So tell me if you want me to film one, and if so, ask me stuff!!

III. This week I was inspired by this and this.

k a t e 


  1. Yes do a vlog!! I will ask you questions!

    1. If you could ride an elephant, would you?
    2. On a scale of 1-10 how much do you love your feet?
    3. Winter or summer?
    4. THE BOY

    olivia ;)

    1. P.s. also I am so excited to see these blog changes!!! :D

    2. Oliviaaa, now everyone is asking about the boy. x) *blushblush* these will be fun questions to answer. And thank youu, I'm really stoked about the blog changes too!

  2. yes, yes! i would love to see your sweet, geeky self answering things :)

    i. i concur with the above, THE BOY
    ii. dark or milk chocolate?
    iii. meyers-briggs type? (boring i know, but i'm curious)
    iiii. if you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    v. favorite book, music artist, and movie? (impossible questions i know…)

    okay, those are my questions :) xoxo

    1. aww shucks. You're too sweet, Jana! ^_^ I'm looking super forward to answering these,

  3. Oh yes do a vlog, girle! I have questions for you!

    i. Who or what inspired you to start blogging?
    ii. Favorite book of the Bible?
    iii. Most exciting thing to happen this year?
    iv. THE BOY
    v. What's the #1 place you'd love to visit?

    Also, pretty photos, Kate!

    1. Meeepp, thank you, Hannah! Though I doubt it will be anywhere near as awesome as your vlog ^_^

  4. wow i like the last photo! Great job!

  5. first of all, thank you so much for linking to my post. you are the darn sweetest!
    secondly, yes yes yes to a vlog!
    i. what are your go-to solutions to stay creative and inspired?
    ii. top five favorite blogs? (i've been needing some new blogs on my dash, and you have fab taste so yeah. ;) )
    iii. what is your favorite season?
    iv. all-time favorite song?
    v. all-time favorite book?

    1. Awww, no way, that's you, girl! And, eeepp, can't wait to answer these. :D


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