super humans. 4. kaitie.

Kaitie, whom I call Kaits, who is my amazing sister. I live in the north, she lives in the south, and we've been besties for as long as I can think back. she is a solar flare, the best laugh, the life of the party, uplifting, someone who always can make me smile, so gorgeous inside and out and wise beyond her years. having her in my life is a blessing that is freaking awesome.

"What time period inspires you the most?"

"In fear of sounding like I'm giving a cop-out of an answer, I'm going to be completely and entirely honest with you; history has never been of much interest to me. Don't get me wrong, I love the flair of all things vintage and retro! But when it comes to pinpointing certain periods in time, or discussing the past and the things that happened there - that's not where I draw inspiration from. But I will say that the style and jive of the 1920's-1940's..? Totally into it."

"What do you like about southern accents?"

"What do I love about southern accents? Ummm, EVERYTHING?  They're just all warm and inviting and they make me feel so comfortable and aahhh. Southern accents are love."

"Your favorite thing about being homeschooled?"

"Definitely the freedom! Freedom of my time AND freedom of expression."

"Top three things you love about the south. Go."

"The hospitality is without question number 1! Seriously, people in the south are so ridiculously warm and friendly and it makes my heart mega happy. Second is probably the accents, duh.  and... the sweet tea. I'm not joking. "If you can't pour it on your pancakes, it isn't sweet enough" Haha,  okay, maybe I'm not quite THAT extreme. But sweet tea is a big deal in my fam!"

k a t e 

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