soaked in the sacred

There's something that I'm coming around to start calling 'the long meal'. Because it just feels right.

It doesn't have all that much to do with the fact that there's a table and food and people eating it, although that's a big chunk of the concept, but it's more about the vibe. The way the day feels, the ending work early, setting the table, hanging around in the kitchen with a bunch of friends or family, questions about the day and whoever took a vacation last, and what did you do, and did I highlight my hair, and when did the wood floors get put in-- were they there before?

And then there's all this food and time around the table and seasonings, and coffee afterwards, which is my favorite part, naturally. And I drink a lot of it usually, while I sit there and listen to people talk, and occasionally say something too.

There's something about these 'long meals'. And I say they're long because they last for hours. If people are here they stay late. If it's somewhere else we stay later. But there's this undeniable presence, when we get into conversation so deep we need scuba gear. There's a low, resounding bass rolling in the floor. Something everyone feels but no one really knows what it is. Somewhere between someone talking about music, a pause, or someone turning to you and asking in a very serious way:

"what do you need to lose in order to get there?"

The hush, the warmth, the wind outside, empty plates, half-filled glasses, slow nods, forefingers against lips, or heads resting on fists, and someone gets up to put a log on the fire--

there's just something to that.

Last night I was trying to find words for it, but my hands were doing more for me than my mouth, and eventually it just came out as, "this is soaked in the sacred."

Like when Jacob wakes up from the dream, and he looks around in awe and says "surely God was in this place, and I did not realize it."

...It's kind of like that.

k a t e


  1. Beautiful. beautiful photographs. As always! :)

  2. "Like when Jacob wakes up from the dream, and he looks around in awe and says "surely God was in this place, and I did not realize it."
    ...It's kind of like that." oh, man. that went straight to my heart! I love love love that.

    1. Thank youu, Marcia! I gotta say it went pretty straight to my heart too, when I wrote it. It felt right. God is awesome.

    2. I echo Marcia completely here. that was a great line and it completely captures that feeling. I love it. I love you. Wow. :)

    3. daww man. (: love you too! So glad you got something out of that post, girl

  3. nice atmosphere:)


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