instructions for authentic, traditional français crêpes

today I had a heap of desk work, and packing, and tasks and general etc. I overslept slightly and it was one of those mornings where everything inside you is collectively like: ehhh. *face in pillow* So after plowing through some email, I made crêpes.

Now crêpes, in my family, are a bit of a tradition. My great grandmother taught my grandmother who taught my mother, ad infinitum. It's a French thing. I remember many chilly winter mornings as a kid, waking up to the scent of their vanilla/butteryness wafting through the house.

The pros: they're delicious. The cons: most Americans do not understand crêpes, and therefore, you will almost never have real ones. Unless you go somewhere authentic, or come to my house. One of the most common things you will hear, and experience in restaurants is that "they're like pancakes, but bigger and flatter." Which, let me tell you, is blasphemy, sheer blasphemy. It's more like a super thin, light, tortilla, but fluffier and infused with vanilla and almond extracts.

So this morning I made whole wheat crêpes, because they're healthy. And though they are, obviously, slightly inferior in the decadent-goodness department, to the real crêpes I'm used to, they're still pretty sweet.

So for a (hopefully) fun Saturday thing, I'm actually going to give you the recipe for these-- plus the *real* recipe and instructions for how to make authentic, traditional français crêpes.

T H E   H E A L T H Y   O N E S :

2  e g g s  
¾   c u p   a l m o n d   m i l k
½   c u p   w a t e r
1  c u p   w h it e   w h o l e  w h e a t  f l o u r
1/2  t e a s p o o n   o f   v a n i l l a   e x t r a c t ,
a d d   a    p i n c h  o f  a l m o n d   e x t r a c t .

T H E   R E A L   O N E S :

1   e g g s  
¾  c u p   m i l  k
1   c u p   w h i t e   f l o u  r
1/2  t e a s p o o n   o f   v a n i l l a   e  x t r a c t ,
a d d   a   p i n c h   o f   a l m o n d   e x t r a c t .

Cook these up in a *hot* pan, probably 20 seconds per side, our until lightly crispy. Roll and deluge with maple syrup. Or fill with organic yogurt, whole berry preserves, and a pinch of Himalayan pink salt. Or whatever floats your awesome boat, there's no rules to the art of crêpe-eating.

Go forth and enjoy.


k a t e 


  1. Nom nom nom. I've gotta try these.

    1. Do, definitely try! They're great. But I'm biased. Baha.

  2. okay, now I am going to have to try these.

  3. I have had a slight obsession with crêpes since france, they are AMAZING! everything from nutella to limes & sugar to ham, cheese & eggs are amazing on them…

    1. Right?! They taste so amazing with just about anything. Yum. And you've been to France?? Gahhh. Dream. :D

    2. yeah, i lived in france for 4 months before coming to burkina. the food was AMAZING!

    3. Gahhh, I can't wait to go there! Hehe :)


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