super humans. 3. theodora

Theodora, whom I call Teddy, and who equals long wavy hair, eyes like gems/that are gems (yep, for real), and a smile that is beauteous. she is so much heart, and the rare kind who will drop everything to be there. she's someone who intrinsically 'gets' how much the world is hurting, and who wants to be part of it's healing. she is real, genuine and beautiful. needless to say I admire this sister. so much.

"If you could be anywhere on earth today where would you want to be?"

"Does the sky count as earth? Because if I had my wish, I'd be able to fly and spend the fiery minutes of sunset and sunrise up there. If it doesn't.. I'd either like to be exploring the UK, especially Scotland. Or just on a simple road trip with friends."

"What kind of poems do you like?"

"I like all sorts of poems, especially depending on my mood. Acrostics and cheesy-rhyming poems (think Dr. Seuss) are the only ones I'm not too fond of.
More specifically, two of my most favourite poets are Robert Frost and Robert Burns. Frost's almost wispy, dreamy words of beauty are a bit of a contrast to the singsong, earthy, very Scottish ones of Burns. But both styles are so wonderful."

"If you could change something about the world in a heartbeat what would you change?"

"The world itself or are the people in it accurate? If I could change the world itself, I would want to take away some of the towns and cities so that animals had more space to live, and I'd also get rid of all the pollution and litter. If I could change the people in it... I would change their hearts. I would make it so people understood compassion, loyalty, gentleness, and love, and showed it to all living beings - animals or humans."

k a t e 


  1. change the 60's thats when nixon and the nixon machine changed the united states
    check out the blue and red states.....
    It all comes down to there is'nt a one percent...its about the one tenth of the one percent that controlls the u.s.
    In the years to come the people will not have a say in anything...It will be the big corperations that control America.

  2. Dear Katie,
    Your friend seems wonderful, and awesome. Also, she is gorgeous. Seriously, I love wavy hair... sigh.

    I must admit I am highly in love with Dear Dr. Suess' writing. He is my childhood. But I love what she said about Frost and Burns. So true.



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