something someone said that i've been thinking about obsessively

I have a dear friend who leads worship at a church, and she said something recently that I found interesting.

She had been over our house, hanging out with my sister, doing music stuff (as is their custom), and as she was getting ready to leave she started talking about worship music, and leading worship and how music makes her feel.

She said that when she plays piano and sings, and lets herself become submerged in the sound, she reaches a place that just feels right and beautiful and sacred. She then explained that leading worship, to her, is the art-form of leading others into that place with her, through her music.

I've thought about this so much: that place.

She is drawn to leading worship, she feels right, and at a place of peace and joy doing it because she has found that place. And she wants to help bring people there.

That place.

I have felt that place. I've tasted it, I've danced and loved and celebrated it, but yet I can't really tell you what it is. It doesn't have labels or specific ways to identify it, but deep in your bones, you feel this sense This is so it.

When I wake up early in the morning, and I sit at the dining room table with my laptop and a cup of coffee and I write for a few solid hours, when I feel the words exploding inside my head and tickling my fingertips, when I can express something vital to my heart in an art form as beautiful as words,

I fall headlong into that place.

Worship then. Is it really limited to a handful of hit Christian songs on a Sunday morning? Or is it something bigger than that?

Because in the bible, David writes vibrant, long, fascinating, heart-twisting poetry about a way and a life that is like a continual song, a "meditation, day and night"-- a place. A place in the midst of this place.

Could worship be like, that place that we fall into? Like, that thing-- whatever it is --and we just know: I love this. And I need this. And I want life to be all about showing people what this place feels like.

Maybe that's what life should be more like. Like, maybe it's not about growing up or growing old, or careers or money or profession-- or what we know to be success.

Maybe it's about that place. And tasting it. And being so freaking excited that you cannot wait to get other people to taste it and feel it and dance around in it with you.

I was at an art museum earlier this week.

It was a sunny day, and I was standing outside one of the exhibits when this, probably 3, maybe 4 year old girl came up to me. I had seen her before, several minutes earlier, crouched down on the thick green grass, staring intently down at something I couldn't see from the distance at which I was standing. Now she had gotten up, crossed the lawn, and paused in front of me. Her eyes were wide and brilliant and vivid, and her tiny forefinger was up against her pink lips.

"There's a butterfly.."

And the way she said it. Oh my goodness. Like this hushed, excited tone of absolute awe. Like she had just discovered the coolest thing ever, and now her only goal was to make it known to everyone she encountered so that they could have the same experience she had just stumbled into.

"You have to go see it."

That place.

How we get there,
stumble into it,
fall face-first into this thing that we don't even have words to describe, but it's literally the essence of what we know to be true and perfect and beautiful.

Maybe it's about showing everyone the butterflies.

Just a few thoughts.

k a t e 


  1. Wow. This is so interesting to think about. I like this lots and lots.

  2. I absolutely adore this. I just had to let that sink in for a moment. And I think it's bloody brilliant. Thank you!

  3. Dear Katie,

    Ugh. I have been reading your posts and because of my stupid lack of being on blogger I realized I've missed some of the greatest posts ever. I'm sorry to you and me both, me because I've missed all these amazing, inspiring, gash dang well-written posts, you because you deserve every person to tell you how amazing they are.

    But anyway, I guess I'll start here. This is beautiful. Beautiful. The truth and poignancy of this hit me like a ton of bricks. Thank you. Thank you. I love this.

    "stumble into it,
    fall face-first into this thing that we don't even have words to describe, but it's literally the essence of what we know to be true and perfect and beautiful."

    Stumble into it. Amazing. I love how you describe worship.

    1. Aww Rebekahhhh <3 your comments always literally make my day. No worries at all about not commenting and blogging, sometimes we all need a break from blogging. But I hope you're bacccckk haha because I miss you!! *hugs*

  4. I love your words so much! It's so hard to explain that wonderful feeling of worship, when we realize we are doing the right thing and we realize our love for Him and His even greater love for's all so amazing.
    I can't say it are super talented, everytime I come over here to read a post I am awestruck again and again..♥ Your words are so beautiful and really stir things in our souls. ♥

    MJ //

    1. Aww, MJ. Thank you. <3 you don't know how much that means to me. You are so amazing and talented yourself! (:


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