super humans. 2. jessica.

This is Jessica. Called GG by me. She is lovely brown eyes framed with groovy lenses, dark curly hair, and the best laugh ever. The best smile when she laughs too. The best witty, clever responses and one-liners. The authoress of sublime, rich and uncommonly beautiful literature. The most smashing film editor and trailer maker, and the smartest girl I know. A soul sister, and someone I look up to in so, so, so many ways. Jessica, in a word is: brilliance.

"who's your favorite fictional character at the moment Jess..?"
"that is such a tough one! Whyyy...Like, book-wise it would have to be Skye Penderwick or the narrator from The Wednesday Wars. If you extend the meaning of  "fiction" to film you'd have a dead tie between Rory Williams, River Song, and a scientist from a Marvel tv show named Leo Fitz. But then there's Kent from My Friend Flicka, the one character I've ever read and really related to so very deeply..."
"a ten year old asks you for advice on life, what would be the one thing you would tell him or her?"
"don't take candy from a stranger because it might have been in their pocket and there is nothing more gross than pre-melted chocolate."

"aliens are beaming you up to their space ship, and you can only grab three things for your new life on mars, what do you grab?"
"well it would depend on if the alien was from a class 3 or a class 4 society and whether or not they were Ice Warriors. I think the first thing I'd grab would be an infi-tablet with all of my books on it and unlimited Word Doc space so I could always write novels. The second would be a Vortex Manipulator (time teleport device invented by humans) and the third would be... um... a backpack full of snacks because I get hungry a lot. Probably lots of chocolate chip cookies...okay I change my mind and forget the cookies - I want to take an avocado tree."

...and this is why we're best friends.



  1. Love it. She is definitely awesome. (Jess, you should blog more. I miss your posts!)

    1. She sure is. I'm trying to convince her to blog more! Haha


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