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I find making lists to be helpful. I think it's helpful because we can keep ourselves on track in ways that maybe the more...unconventional of us (i.e. me) cannot otherwise. So I've been making lists and doing things off of these lists and checking things off of the lists, and it feels good and satisfying. I never limit myself too the list, but I have found that having a list helps sometimes, when my brain/life/office/everything = chaos oatmeal.

So here's a fun one - discovery list. Several things that I've stumbled upon of late that I was just like kfdsgb;egib YES. You know the feeling, right? Cool things. Like:

Coconut creamer
Humans of New York
New project ideas
Peanut butter (okay, so I didn't *just* discover this, but... a love has been revived.)
The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Sterns
Really, really, really exciting new possibilities
My sister's photography
Bai5 limu lemonade
Handwritten notes ♥
The theory of entropy
Einstein's theory of space time
My own theory of space time
Coffee in the evening

My sister took that last photo, because she knows how to make food and ice cream and other things that you put in your mouth. Hence vegan maple ice cream with blueberry swirls. And Humans of New York is just... ughh, it's brilliant. If you haven't checked it, do so. It's incredibly...connected and real. I just love it.

And the theories? Ludwig Boltzmann has warped my brain. I'm not sure if I'll ever be the same again. All I can really say is that I've spent a few afternoons/evenings feasting on Fabric of the Cosmos and listing to  Brian Greene rant on about quantum physics and now my life is thrown out of orbit. So thanks. But in all seriousness, quantum physics... maybe I should write about it more. I don't know... or maybe I just haven't had enough sleep. Or something.

People, I demand to know how life has been? When is the last time you had ice cream and what flavor was it?

kiss kiss,


  1. Oh, HONY is the best. It makes my people-watching self so happy.

  2. Quantum physics is absolutely fascinating, but I always find myself not understanding any of those theories. Not that it stops me from learning more!

    1. I know, I can totally relate.. I'm still trying to get my head around Einstein's space time theory! x)

  3. I'd be interested in learning more about your theory! Also the photo of the ice cream in an old fashioned tea cup is sheer perfection.

    1. d'aww well thanks! If I ever get my thoughts organized enough, I might just write about it sometime. It's fascinating stuff. And isn't it though? My sister has talent in food photography it's crazy.

  4. HONY for the win! I love the little insights into peoples lives we will never know about but somehow HONY gives us a little glimpse. It's truly beautiful.

    p.s. that vegan maple icecream looks so heavenly!

    1. Exactly! Getting to enter into people stories for just a tiny bit...ughh, it's just awesome. I love it. And the ice cream was heavenly. My sister makes the best ice cream, haha. (:

  5. high five for list making! i think i would probably lose my head if i didn't write everything down, which results in a billion lists scattered around, but it works :) great pics by the way…

    1. I totally know what you mean! Hahaha. Trying to get better organized. Lists definitely help with that. And thank you!

  6. You've given me so much to say right here!
    Cheers on the voss glass vase (say that 5xfast. no, do it!), reconnecting with peanut butter, and your sister’s immaculate photograph of heaven in a teacup. These are all very good.

    heheh I actually wrote a list just last night for no true reason other than, uh, remembering to do these within the next decade:
    1. Make a loaf of bread (I need to know that I can survive beyond the districts of Safeway.)
    2. Night surf (my brother’s going to invent glow-in-the-dark wax..)
    3. Eat cereal with water (hardest one, right here.)

    I’m glad you put down handwritten notes; I received one from a ten-year-old I met last week, and it means so much to me; it’s like living, touchable proof of our relationship. 
    I like the ‘really, really exciting possibilities’ one, too; that is such a good feeling to keep burning, keeping your belief high and not growing cold to how much there is and has always been to live for.

    I also think that you should maybe do a post ‘Quantum Physics in One Sitting’ or the like, because your excitement over it is catching, and I am utterly clueless concerning it. Just saying. ;)
    Great post. :)

    1. Your comment made my day! Your blog is one of my favorites ever! Night surfing sounds amaze and I'm definetly jealous that your brother has glow in the dark wax, that is way too cool, I want some for my boarddd, haha! Thanks so much (:


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