kind of just dizzy

1. staying up late and listening to stories until one is delusional, or just quite possibly on the brink of it.
2. warm weather after you haven't felt/tasted/relished in warm weather for a long time.
3. frozen yogurt. Laughing. Sisters. Parking lots. Should I wear my hoodie or no?
4. sidewalks, talking, watching grown-ups do their thing. Hands in the pockets. Being sophisticated. 
5. dizzy, fuzzy lights after the sun rolls away. And big blurry blue clouds with ashy fringes, as if they got burned at one time or another. 

Nothing really goes with these photos, and those five points aren't really descriptions of the photos as much as they are just words that kind of embody the vibe of the day that I took them. This is kind of just a dizzy, abstract look into the crazy little filter through which I view the world. The pink blossoms were unfathomable, my uncle has the most expressive, charactery dog ever, my sister is beautiful but she wouldn't let me use the picture with her face, parking lots at night are somehow really awesome to run around in with an over-hyper dog who doesn't like to heel. 

Life right now is so beautiful. Haha. I love it.



  1. I enjoy your writing style and stepping excitedly and somewhat hesitantly into spring after the long winter. :) plus, these pictures are touching! I love the first.

    1. Thanks so much, Jade! I know the feeling, this winter was just far too long, spring feels almost too good to be true!

  2. I love this post. The photos are lovely, and I really like how the five points "embody the vibe", like you said.


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