i am mountain // gungor

after a few days of feeling sick and a little sleep deprived and sunburned, I had a bit of a fatigued craving for something new to listen through on a rainy, humid drive home. Windows sealed up, AC cranking.

first, a bit about my taste in music. It's fairly all over the place, I can enjoy a lot of different stuff. I find that I generally tend to hang out in a disorienting little hovel somewhere between the land of loud, hyper electronic/dubstep and the shores of edgy, organic acoustic/rock/indie/folk. Kind of a wide range right there, but whatever. I like stuff.

and this brings us to Gungor. Which brings us to isn't it cute how they make music together, which brings us to their musical genius. Which brings us to a lot of songs, singles, albums, turning the bass up, etc. But in this specific instance it brings us to a rainy drive home, sleepy eyes, one earbud in and an album called I Am Mountain.

I will say, for me this album didn't beat Beautiful Things, or Ghosts Upon the Earth if you're familiar with those (and if you're not you should really go check those out), but it inspired me. It fed my sleepy soul. It was a good, rich, nourishing album.

lyrically it has a lot to do with journeying through dry places, wandering, doubting, reaching, feeling along walls in the dark and asking questions. Very realistic vibe. Very easy for the heart to sink it's teeth into. Familiar stuff. But it also has an elevating component that sort of weaves it's way through the entire album to keep lifting you up and to quietly answer some of the questions that are abstractly thrown out there in the open.

the vibe of the album and music itself was super intriguing and fresh. It had a definite western vibe which I've never really been very into, but this album kind of had me falling in love with it. It was perfect. That was a major component to the sound, but classically like Gungor you also have to throw in a few other feels-- orchestra, eighties beats and some very organic acoustics all got tossed into a blender together, people. It happened. It went down.

my favorites had to be I Am Mountain, for it's hyper, wild, almost tribal sound and it's catching, happy lyrics that are just way too jumpy and dance worthy, Wayward and Torn for the beautiful, profound lyrics, God and Country because it's deep and the sound is wild, and Upside Down ...you'd have to listen to it to understand why.

the overall package feels like western, wild, campfires, drumbeats, rocket ships, sleeping, thinking deeper, deserts, tired, quiet ocean waves in a gulf.

to sum it up in one word: cimarron

A thoroughly good record that I would not mind owning a vinyl copy of. Because, please, let us face the fact that nothing beats records. Records and dusty old record players and a quiet sunny afternoon to just lay on the couch and soak in the sound. Gahh, let's not even go there, that's gonna have to be it's own post. Haha.


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