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So while I'm taking a little break from blogging to go on adventures and play in the waves and stuff, I thought maybe some guest posts were in order. Aaaand I was totally stoked too, because one of my newest friends on blogger, the lovely miss Toyosi from Standard T, agreed to come and post for y'all!

Standard T is one of those blogs that I read all the time, and Toyosi is an awesome girlie with a love for design, fashion and travel. Oh, and Chipotle, which is one of my favorite places to hang out and get burrito bowls. And she loves J. Crew. ...Yeah, did I already mention she's awesome? So make sure you go check out her blog and follow and leave some lovely comments! 

Thanks for being here, Toyosi!


Hey Y’all! I’m Toyosi from Standard T and I’m taking over for a bit while Katie is on vacation. I decided to combine two of my favorite things, clothes and traveling, and give you some ideas of what to wear to the airport. I know some people like wearing sweats and hoodies, but I personally prefer to look put together so that when I get to my destination, i can drop my bags at the hotel and go explore where ever I’m visiting.

My basic uniform for what to wear to the airport consists of comfortable shoes, jeans or leggings, a tee or sweater, a cardigan, and usually a scarf or necklace.

It’s a good idea to figure out what you’re packing before deciding what to wear to the airport. I’ll try to wear my bulkiest items to the airport or incorporate some of the items from what I wore to the airport into my outfits while on vacation. Basically everything can be worn again at least once while on a trip which helps save some room in your suitcase.

I avoid things like dresses, and shorter skirts because I don’t want to have to worry about making sure I’m covered when I’m running from one terminal to another or sleeping on a long flight.

If you get cold easily like I do, a scarf and cardigan will help keep the chill away, and can easily be removed if where you are going to is warm.

Being comfortable doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style!



  1. ahhh this whole post is so full of gorgeousness!! I'm hopping down to your blog right away. ;)

  2. This post is so fun! Those outfits are adorable and definitely look comfortable to travel in.


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