coffee bedhead broken strings

i dare you to move// like today never happened 
today never happened b e f o r e  

monday morning, I think my sister made doughnuts, and I ate one with coffee and then went and bought a Switchfoot album. And my head woke up wanting to look like a punk rocker kiddo, so my sister took photos and I pointlessly edited them. Beezee was doing a food photo shoot with the doughnuts, so I sort of watched. I can't really remember how all of that happened chronologically, though. This sentence is so poorly structured, but no one really needs to know what I did yesterday, ammaright?

to nutshell it: this past weekend was lunch with my grandparents. And flooded parking lots and maybe sunshine. It was visiting my cousin for the first time since she started chemotherapy. And talking and laughing. And she's gorgeous and has an awesome smile and an awesome laugh. It was face time with one of my best friends and talking for a long time and being random and he has a really great smile and laugh too. It was staying up late with my sister watching star trek and hallucinating and being ridiculous. It was awesome.

and then there's this this thing that's driving me crazy. The new testament writer Mark, tells a story in his gospel of an instance in which Jesus was on his way to heal a temple leader's daughter, but it says-- and this is from the Message, aka, my mutilated, scribbled over, bible that has experienced too much colored pencil and insane child with crazy imagination: "While he was still talking, some people came from the leader’s house and told him, “Your daughter is dead. Why bother the Teacher any more?” Jesus overheard what they were talking about and said to the leader, “Don’t listen to them; just trust me.”

you know 'click' moments? This was one for me. I felt like Jesus inwardly nailed this point to me, highlighting it with sharpie so it would bleed through.

Like, isn't that guy in all of us?
Like, aren't we living that story every single day?

We're in the middle, and we can either believe the contradiction, or we can trust Jesus. It's always a two choice thing, every day. Because there's always something-- always. And we have to choose who we're going to believe. The voices, negativity, not happening, it's over, done, gone, dead, hopeless-- or, (and the or is important), do we trust? Do we jump? Do we believe that he's going to catch us?

Like it can sometimes literally feel like we're standing there, with the two on either side. Sweat, confusion, tears, words, stuff going wrong, and Jesus is looking into our eyes and asking us to trust him. Despite everything telling us otherwise.

There's really no kind of punchline here yet, I feel like this is something I'm still learning. I know I'm still learning. Trust is natural. If we can't trust anymore it's because we unlearned it. This is why we should all act like little kids.

No seriously. It's awesome. Let's do it.

But it's our story to write, we have endless, infinite chances to say yes to trust. We can do that because He's here with us, asking us to. Literally asking us to.

What have you guys been up to this week? Oh, and by the way, guest posts are gonna happen. Soon.

PS. I broke a guitar string. Hence the title. Hence the busted string in the photos. Hence me bawling my eyes out. Okay, maybe the last one is an exaggeration.


  1. Dearest Katie,

    First. You are killing me with the Switchfoot quotes. Yes, yes, and yes. My dad gave us a diet of Switchfoot since we were little neophytes and meeting anyone with a love of Switchfoot instantly ties them to me and makes them go up in about 1,000 cool points. So, um, cool it. Or stop cooling it, because you are getting way too cool.

    Ohkay. That made about no sense altogether. I'm sorry. Redo.

    This post is lovely. Your words are lovely. The way you write is lovely. Your pictures are lovely. You are LOVELY. Pretty much just overuse the word lovely and that's how I feel about this. That last picture. Blowing my mind with beauty. You are gorgeous, Katie. Seriously.

    And the way you write about your week. I love the imagery. Geesh, girl. Also, it's so good to hear about what God has been speaking to you through the bible. Really good. It's so encouraging, and honest, and good. Thank you.

    Yeah, you're kinda amazing.

    1. Dearest Rebekah, you are awesome and I'm so glad we're friends. Your sweet, thoughtful words always mean so much to me, girl! Thank you. And I agree, Switchfoot is amazing. I love Jon Foreman's voice, and not to mention the amazing depth of the lyrics, which I think everyone can truly relate to in their heart of hearts. And I've only recently discovered it, so that fact that you've listened to it since you were "a little neophyte", means that YOU ARE EVEN AWESOMER. Just sayin. You're also gorgeous, dude! I was on Kimberly's blog the other day and I believe she had posted some pics of you and your sisters and I was like "wahh I miss those girlies!" even though I haven't technically met your sisters. But now I have their emails you sent me, so we can all start a crazy, ranty email loop and chat about body boarding and all that awesomeness! Woot! (: & I'm so glad it was encouraging for you-- God definitely encouraged me with it too. Soul refresher. Love you, sis!

  2. Broken strings are the worst. :( I FEEL FOR YOU. I broke a cello string a few weeks back and...oh goooosh. DIE. (Plus they're super expensive, but it's also having my cello-baby unstrung. Not fun.) Those photos are beautiful. JUST SO BEAUTIFUL.

    1. OH MAN, It's probably even worst on a cello. Wahh. Well at least we can cry over broken strings together, haha. And I adore the cello, btw, so I should totally beg you to guest post about that sometime!!! You and Mime are such talented gals.

  3. Beautiful pictures! Looks like a fun time.

    "But it's our story to write, we have endless, infinite chances to say yes to trust. We can do that because He's here with us, asking us to. Literally asking us to."
    ^^I love these lines and the way you write about the Bible and your everyday life! :)

    I will keep this verse in mind this week, to trust in Jesus when I am tempted to believe the negative thoughts and all the lies around me and even within me. I will say "yes" to Him.

    Joining your blog... :)

    1. Thank you so much, Jade! I so appreciate your kind words. That's what I'm trying to keep in mind throughout the week as well-- just trust. Relax. Rest in Him. It's awesome. And I joined your blog as well! (:

  4. dang, you're cute. like really cute.

  5. i feel like i'm in cozy corner with coffee, it's loverly… great pics and reminders, thanks for the encouragement!

    1. Thanks so much, Jana! Cozy corners + coffee = best thing. just saying. Especially if it's chilly outside.

    2. definitely, and if the windows are fogged up, even better...

    3. Oh my goodness, definitely! (:

  6. Every time you bring up trust, I love you for it, Katie. I guess that's kind of my struggle right now. I have a hard time fully trusting people now. I mean, I will trust them eventually but it takes quite a long time. But I'm starting to realize that I can trust Him. And really only Him. And this--"Trust is natural. If we can't trust anymore it's because we unlearned it. This is why we should all act like little kids"--hit me big time. Love it!
    Thank you for this, girlie. <3 Oh, and you can totally rock the punk look. ;)

    1. Aww, thank you so much for your kind words, Sammy girl! It means so much to me. Trust has been on my heart a lot lately, im glad my thoughts on it could bless you! We can always trust in him with out fear that He will fail us. Cause he's awesome like that! (: love you girlie!


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