the light that is a thread

i'm a bird
in a cage
but i don't want to be.

sing to me and let the moondust fall into my eyes
and make me see that you are there.

that every road I ever lost lead nowhere
and all I need is the light that is
a thread with which you've sown my heart

and you pull me closer into your eclipse
and shine your light into my veins until my blood has turned to

i'm a bird
in a cage
but i don't have to be

you've freed me


So I was feeling just slightly jealous the other day, because I keep seeing all these great blog posts about
spring with big pretty photographs of flowers (like, flowers growing *outside* not *inside*) and green lawns
and taking walks in the warm spring air. And I'm looking outside my window, at the foot of snow and ice,
inwardly screaming "IS THERE JUSTICE?! IS THERE A GOD?!"


But no really.

Hence the picture of the orchid. It's a pink/purpleish one that my sister brought home from the flower show.
It's tall and pretty and my mom said it makes an awkward center piece for a large dining room table.
Because it's just this singular-looking stick of a blossom smack in the middle of polished maple flat lands. I
said I thought it looked cool and modern.

Anyway. Random photo shoots with sisters are the best.



  1. It does look cool and modern, haha. I like the poem, though with this unwanted music blaring around me at the moment I'm finding it hard to actually pay close attention to it so I'll have to come back and read it again when it's quiet.

    1. Thank you Pixie! Ugh, yes I know what you mean about loud music, it's very distracting sometimes. Although it can be loads of fun too. Haha ^_^

  2. Ohhhh, your photos are so beautiful. They're like...omg, they're just gorgeous. I'm jealous of your photography skills!! Har, har...okay seriously now. xD Well, I think the world is wonky on it's axis or something because today has been blistering hot. It's SUPPOSED to be getting cooler here. *sigh* Weather. Why don't you make sense???

    1. Aww, thanks Cait! I borrowed my sister's camera. :3 And I AGREE. Something is definitely wrong with the planet's current axis because it is just wrong that it's that hot there and this darn cold here XD THERE NEEDS TO BE A HAPPY MEDIUM! Haha

  3. Gorgeous pictures. I wish the light here was that pretty, it's been so icky and dark lately. We STILL have snow. Being Canadian I feel like I'm not supposed to complain about that, but I really just want to not wear my winter coat, okay? :p

    1. Thanks so much, Olivia! I couldn't agree more. We still have a ton of snow here too. And it needs to go away. Like very, very soon. :P

  4. wow, you're a great photographer! I love the light in these!

  5. Oh man, these photos are just beautiful. And so are the words. So lovely!


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