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So I actually have a pretty long, abstract letter, poem thing that I'm going to be posting for Valentine's day, but I noticed I've been overwhelming this blog with a lot of really long, thought-train posts lately, and I feel like I need to give y'all a break. Because it can be a bit burdensome on the eyes, right? Haha.

So anyway. Valentine Book Lovers Link Up. Hosted by Jessica Greyson, who has a lovely blog that I just started following, so go check it out when you're done reading here. 

This should be fun/interesting/amusing for you guys, seeing as I read very few new release books and I'm not really into Valentines Day to begin with. But whatever, right? Let's make it fun. ;)


What book do you love but everyone else seems to hate (or dislike)?

Umm.. wow, that's a bit of a hard one. I haven't read many books that other people hate. Maybe like, the Princess Bride? Even though I've only seen the movie for that. I know very few people who aren't like "ughhh" when I talk about the Princess Bride. Which is highly disturbing, in my good opinion. I mean, seriously. I love that movie. *coughandwestleyofcoursecough*

What book does everyone else seem to love, but you just can’t get into?

The list is endless. Haha.

Love in books—love or hate it?

Nine times out of ten? Love it. Totally. 

What is your favorite friendship/brotherhood/sisterhood in a book?

Hmm. That's a toughie.  I can't quite think of a favorite, but I love the relationship between Lucy and her brother Freddy from A Room with a View by EM Forster. The two of them are just so hilarious and classy.  

Do you “ship” couple when you read? What are some of your favorite ships—that sailed or didn’t? 

Ohh, man, yes. I do this a lot. Usually it's always with the underdogs whom no one ever ships in the book or movie. Which is sad, but there you have it. Biggest one for me would be Jo and Laurie from Little Women. I actually have a pretty deep-seated love/hate relationship with that movie (yes, I haven't read the book *hides from flying tomatoes*) because of the fact that Jo and Laurie didn't end up together. They were PERFECT for each other. They're so much alike. (yeah, sorry I don't really buy hollywood's "opposites attract" thing. More often than not, it's the similarities that attract. At least in my experience.) 

Do you still exchange Valentines?

I actually have no idea. Not really? I don't know. I guess it depends on what mood I'm in. XD

Your favorite Valentine gift, chocolate, flowers or something else? Chocolate, dark, milk, white—other?

Although I really love chocolate-- honestly, poetry would be my ultimate. Getting poetry from a guy I like would be pretty sweet. And as far as chocolate goes, dark. Most definitely. ;)

Your personal views on Valentine’s day?

It's whatever. Not a huge fan because it's a bit Hallmark-ish. But like a brilliant friend of mine talked about recently in one of her blog posts, Valentines Day doesn't have to be just about having a romantic date with a totally cute guy who looks like Westley from the Princess Bride (...Oh my word, where did that come from?) it can and should be about just everyone that you love-- friends, family, etc. and showing them that you love them and appreciate that they're in your life.

Favorite sweet Read?

Again-- tough one. Probably A Room With a View right now. And Pride and Prejudice.

Favorite fairy tale and why?

Beauty and the Beast, probably. Just because it's such an incredibly selfless story. Lot of deep stuff in there if you think about it. Especially at the end. 

Favorite romantic gesture in a book?

Eye conversations, star-gazing. Poetry.  

Do you have a favorite “romantic movie” for that you like to watch?

Pride and Prejudice, North and South, The Young Victoria, etc.

Favorite Literary couple and why?

Man, I have a lot of favorites. I love Lizzie and Darcy. Uber equal, independent, passionate relationship. It's really beautiful. And it's not hollywood-itized. They fight and have so many disagreements. And that's part of what makes the story so good.

Favorite opinion about love from a Character? 

I love Elizabeth's Bennet's opinion/attitude towards romance. Just like, this sometimes even arrogant disposition about men and love. True independent soul.  

Favorite quote about love?

Too many to list, but one of my most recent ones:
“It isn't possible to love and part. You will wish that it was. You can transmute love, ignore it, muddle it, but you can never pull it out of you. I know by experience that the poets are right: love is eternal.” from a Room with a View by EM Forster 

Thanks Jessica Greyson for hosting this link up! Check it out here.


  1. oh. my. gosh. I almost posted that exact quote about love. room with a view is fabulous, isn't it? :)

    1. Omg, serious?! Haha that's so cool, yes I adore a room with a view, it's fabulous!


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