the new things and the changes that are good


Day off is museum and major wandering in the cold/getting lost just a little. Art, flowers, pollen everywhere, fresh mulch. "It's kind of like symmetrical, but...not." Mirror art. Modern art. Van Gogh sunflowers. Lunch in crowded market places. Streets and lights and cold nights.

We all need different new things in our stories. New people,new places. It makes life life. It makes it fun. Changes like this can be really good and soul-feeding, even if it is way too windy out there. Working hard and laughing hard and being real-- they're all good and they all find there place because they are meant to be here and you are meant to be here and it's meant to fit together like that, it's awesome.

Plus, the graffiti is great here.



  1. Tis true, we do need new things to make life better, some more often than others. Seems like you spent your day off well!


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