vous etes mon coeur

Sometimes I wish I didn't live so far away from everything. Sometimes I wish it was summer when it isn't.
Sometimes I get annoying songs lodged in my brain, and suddenly all I can think about it having someone to play video games with. Someone to stay up really late and talk with. I love staying up late and talking with someone. Because you don't really talk loud or seriously about much of anything. It's childlike. It's silly things like the day and forties movies and big words and stars. Misquoting poetry and scripture. It's when navy blue and purple and black all merge into the horizon line with the burgundy that thinks it belongs there. Because cities do exist.

Philosophies and notebooks with coffee marks on the pages and when someone walks up to you from behind and puts his arms around you. The way that feels, plus all these words in my head and I suddenly want to find a cold quiet place to read history books and write stories and make things.

Logical people, illogical people. There I am stuck somewhere in the middle.

I don't want to live skeptically. I want to not be afraid. Because there are gardens and forests and pathways and mountains and languages and a God who playfully pushes me into exploration and adventure. Like I'm an astronaut, but not exactly. I want to let go of all this worry and forget what that was like, and just trust Him.

Trust is something I want to really get into and fall in love with and be excited about. I want to feel it like my own heartbeat, and I want to be overwhelmed by it.

It's time to wake up the trees.


  1. "Logical people, illogical people. There I am stuck somewhere in the middle."
    yeah, me too.

    this post, i love it so much. every word was perfect and beautiful and i totally feel like i get it. like, really get it.

    1. Aww, thank you, Noni. Just a lot of random thoughts I felt like I needed to get out somewhere.
      Btw, I *love* your new blog! It's amazing! Totally following.

  2. This is such a gorgeous post! Everything about it. love love love.
    You're such a creative, beautiful girl, sister.<3

    1. <3 Love you so much Beezeebeans. Thank you.

  3. This is just so eloquent and poetic. Not to mention, resonating with truth, which is by far the most important. TRUST, I like the sound of that.


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