Guest-post by Cait - Paper Sisters

*confetti flies everywhere* Yes, blogger loves, it is true-- we have a guest post from the lovely miss Cait of the Notebook Sisters / Paper Sisters! 

I am so stoked for this because, first off, I love the Notebook Sisters' blog, run by Cait and Mime. They're amazing and their writing is *so* good. So go check their blog out as soon as your done reading here. 

Secondly, I recently bought a bunch of awesome paper creations for my room and office from these gals, and absolutely LOVE everything that I received. (custom mobile, paper airplane strand, paper crane/ Kusudama balls strands.) 

This is the  Kusudama ball/paper crane strand hanging in my room:

Ahh, I just love it! Thank you girls for your awesome creations! Be sure to check out their Facebook page, too.

Take it away, Cait!

Hey everyone! My name is Cait and I’m one of The Paper Sisters. I run a small business from home, with the help of my older sister, Rachel. We make stuff. It’s awesome fun. Our specialty is paper. We make mobiles for babies and household d├ęcor. Paper plane bunting. Cupcake decorations. Kusudama balls. Give us paper, and we make something from it!
We started the business early last year. I blame Rachel (we’re sisters, blaming is part of the job description). She was having a baby and requested I make a mobile for her. I’d never made anything like that before. But, gosh, why not?
It took me hours, but the result was quite adorable. HUGE, but adorable.

Rachel thought turning it into a little business could be an adventure. So we did.
We’re small. I’m the folder, Rachel is the marketer. I’m simultaneously boss and employee (which is very convenient if I want a day off). I usually fold in the morning or late at night. Rachel books us in for local markets and runs our business page on Facebook. (Our website is still in the works.)

In a year we’ve gone from hesitantly making one or two mobiles, to folding till 10:00pm because of all the orders! Busy seasons come and go, though. Phew.

My personal favourite things to make are these flowers (pictured above). They’re made from single Kusudama flowers, glued to a stick, with a button in the centre. They’re simple to make and look fabulous in a jar!

The most time consuming thing to make are these kusudama balls! Each ball has 60 squares of paper, folded and glued. It takes…a loooong time. But they make pretty stunning decorations.
I love creating beautiful things. It’s also seriously awesome when other people love them too.
If you want to find out more about my business, check out my Facebook page! I have all the prices, sizes, and information about custom orders there. We’re based in Australia, but we do ship internationally. You can “like” us if you want to keep up-to-date with our madness (yep, we sometimes do random giveaways).
And a HUGE thank to Katie, for inviting me to share my papery creations with you! (Katie has a fantastic blog, don’t you reckon?)

Cait likes to make things. She writes novels, blogs, and (of course) folds paper origami in between. She lives in Australia with her family and a lot of kookaburras. You can catch her on her blog or twitter, or visit her business’ facebook page. 


  1. Thanks for having me, Katie!! (I ADORE the changes to the blog, by the way. It's fantastic!) And I love that picture of the Eiffel Tower and the strands! I'm so happy you like them. ^_^

    1. Thank YOU Cait for posting!! Thank you soo much, I'm glad you like it. ^_^ I had fun doing the re-design.

  2. Lovely work if I do say so myself. That baby is particularly cute. Definitely the cutest baby in the whole world.


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