sunday snow in

Yep. Literally woke up to about fifteen crazy inches of powder today. Welcome to New England, people.

Everything's covered deep. I feel rather like I live in Narnia, minus the white witch (hopefully.) Ha.
The lake is frozen solid, the trees are thoroughly coated, the driveway is somewhat iced over. Winter is definitely here. My only consolation is that I might be able to fit in some serious snowshoeing at some point.

For those of you who have never tried snowshoes, let me assure you that you're not really missing out on anything spectacular-- because unless you literally have snow piled up past your thighs, they're totally illogical. It's like, just taking ten pound bricks, tying them to your feet and trudging around like you're actually enjoying yourself. It's something you'll see a lot of tourists doing. And me? I just do it because it's sort of fun, in a difficult, draining sort of way, and it's excellent exercise.

Tourists here, (might as well discuss them a bit while I'm on the topic, right?) come up in absolute droves for the ski season, as my little town is squeezed right smack in the middle of a giant skiing district, and inhabit the lake camps and the cottages and the like for the weekends and holidays, most of them from New York or Jersey.

Based on my extensive observations, this particular breed of tourist for whatever reason, can barely tolerate temperatures below thirty five degrees or so. (Which really makes one question whether they actually do skii, or if they're just making the entire thing up as an excuse to drive around with cool winter-sport swag on their Saab.)

As soon as the crimson juice in the thermometer has receded to just above freezing, you'll be bound to see them emerging from their camps wearing over-sized parkas, snowsuits (even if there isn't more than an inch of snow on the ground) and puffy barnstormer hats tied tightly round their chins.

They usually never shovel-- literally, I've only ever seen my neighbor shovel once, and nearly collapsed myself from the shock --and in most cases don't even own shovels, ice scrapers and the like. Neither do they understand the meaning of "salting" or "sanding" one's driveway. In the event that their driveway is iced over, and at least one of them has slipped and fallen on their face, the most practical way they can find to express their mortification is to complain to the closest neighbor who owns a plow or a car with four wheel drive, (and usually it's hard for them to identify something as alien as a 4WD vehicle), pleading and moaning and causing a great ruckus until their victim either relents or flees.

They also participate in an array of absolutely absurd and downright stupid activities, one of their favorites being slapping on a pair of ice skates and jumping out onto the frozen lake before even checking the ice thickness. It's insane, and needless to say we take a significant amount of pity on them and help them when we can, suggesting basic survival tactics and applauding those who know what firewood is and how to use it.

Okay, I'll stop now, really. I'm just being silly now. I totally didn't expect to rant so much about this.
It's just so entirely hilarious to be a New Englander, watching people try and behave "like native New Englanders" bundled three feet thick in their Eskimo gear, while your hanging out in tee-shirts and no socks all winter. You just sort of feel like shattering their world and saying "bruh, I really hate to break it to you, but that's so not how you do it."

Okay, I'm done. XD

I made some wicked, (wicked), good coffee this morning. Like, seriously amazing jo-- try just under two and a half scoops of Gevalia traditional roast (medium), to just a bit under six cups of spring water. Best. Stuff. Ever. You won't regret it.

What are you up to this Sunday?


  1. The snow is coming down and blowing around here in Canada, too! I love it. :) beautiful pictures!

    1. Oh, I bet! Y'all get a lot of snow there, too. Thank you! :)

  2. We recently got about 12" where I am in MO, it was pretty awesome and lasted over a week! Crazy for this place. Snow is awesome, but I'm ok with it finally melting ;)

    1. Oh, wow! That's crazy!
      Haha, yeah same here. Snow for Christmas is nice, but then it can all start melting right after that. Haha. xD


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