notebook sisters writing insanity linkup (vlog)

Yes, I know. This is très, très late.

I'd been putting it off for awhile, not really wanting to film a vlog, but then sort of wanting to. If that makes any sense..? Just because I didn't really want to write up all the answers-- plus Cait and Mime did such a great vlog that I wanted to do one with my sister too. And although I couldn't manage to get her in front of the camera, she did ask all the questions. So she's in there.
Besides, being the rather camera-shy creature that I often am, I literally haven't done a vlog for you guys in like...a year or more.

So.. sit back and enjoy my silly, dorky, geekyness (if that's possible? XD). I'm sure you'll also really enjoy how my dogs are running around the house barking off and on through the entire thing, too. Haha. Who couldn't love that? ;)


  1. That was a great vlog! Your ideas sound great! And you're too kind. (I'm sitting here smiling at your glowing intro. Aw... Made my day.) Thanks for linking up!

  2. Aww, thanks so much, Mime! So glad you liked it. Thanks to you and Cait for hosting the linkup. ^_^


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