joyeux noël

I'm not really feeling quite in the mood to write anything too deep or poetic right now, even though part of me was planning on it. But my childish nature has struck again, and I'm afraid I now feel like doing nothing more than just being joyful and silly.

But really, those things in and of themselves can be quite "deep" I daresay. Joy is a pretty dangerously beautiful thing and Christmas' essence wholly induces it.

This God of ours pouring himself out into human flesh; falling in love with us, becoming one with us, eternity entering the atom, perfection infecting the broken-- rescue hitting an epidemic level? It's startlingly, breathtakingly good.

Jesus poisons humanity and creation with a mystery more beautiful than comprehension could ever grasp: Christ in and among us.

We've been infected. 

And it's freaking beautiful.

Go enjoy it. ♥

Merry Christmas,


  1. This is just beautiful. Your writing never ceases to astonish me.
    xoxo Beeze Beans

    1. Hey, it takes a great writer to know a great writer. ;) You da bomb.


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