a little bit of redesign ...

Yes, I've finally updated my look here. Because it's literally been like forever since I did that, and I'm the type that needs a little newness of design now and then.

So, bwah. New layout. Sort of. ;)

Don't worry, loves. I'm not going to go crazy and change the name too. Because it's so (unbelievably) confusing when people do that. And it totally freaks me out because I start getting this random blog title in my feed and I'm like "Who...is.. that.." and meanwhile, I'm also like "Oh, so-and-so hasn't updated in eons" only for me to later find out that they were the ones who up and changed their entire blog and title just because they were bored and Dr. Who wasn't on to entertain them that night.

Nope. I'm still Dream Sayloor. I'm still that same crazy ocean child who rants y'all into utter oblivion with my love for saltwater and sand and good breaks.

And I'm feeling sort of lost, because I really have no good content for you guys at the moment. Work hasn't really given me a chance to slow down and take a lot of photos or think of good, romantic, confusing, abstract poems to contort your imaginations with. In fact, I may even be pushed to the point of just posting a sappy, cliche list of "current likes" *le gasp*. I might, I might not-- but I absolutely assure you that I could be persuaded to. ;)

..There also might be a chance that I'll write a post solely about Narnia or Prince Caspian soon. Just because I've sort of been in that vibe lately. That could very possibly happen. But if it does, it will most likely be about Caspian-- I'm pretty positive. Haha. ;)

And now, I'm getting way too wordy and ever so slightly annoying here, because I haven't really much of anything to say. Other than please tell me what you think of the new layout and all. I would love to hear your thoughts, rants, etc.


  1. i love the new layout! it's awesome beans. and i will agree with you, it is annoying when someone is always changing their blog..or, it can be. i remember this one blogger who went through at least 6 different blogs in one years period. and the annoying-est part? every blog she started had an unbelievably epic and original name and layout. and she never stuck with *any* of them. and i was over here like "uhm. can i have that one??". blah.

    but just a fair warning, i will be changing to a new spot coming this January. I've been where I am for like 3 years now and I simply need somewhere fresh to start. I plan on doing things a bit differently and being more active and posting more art and creative writing. it's gonna be awesome. xD :))

    1. Noniiiiiiii!!! *hugs* I soooo need to catch up on your blog. And on everybody elses blogs, haha. I haven't been on here in soo long it feels like.
      Bahaha, oh my word. That's funny. & Ikr? Some people are soo good at coming up with super-creative titles for their blogs it's crazy!
      Thank you for letting me know about that.... I'm stoked to see what your new blog will look like!

  2. Most wonderful new layout....were do you find the time for such extravagances?


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