book ideas are like..

Getting a new book idea is kind of like finding out that you're pregnant.

It's like you realize that there's this living breathing thing growing and developing inside of you; something that has unfathomable amounts of potential and beauty and ability.

It makes you nervous, it makes you excited, sometimes it may just make you feel a bit sick, but you know that in the end? When it's a tangible, living, revolutionizing thing, sitting there in front of you? 
It will be so worth it.
When you can hold it and kiss it, all tears will be forgotten.

You wonder endlessly how on earth you're going to explain it-- should you tell anyone about it? Or wait until it shows?

No one really understands what it's like but you. You're the only one who has the thing inside of you. Kicking occasionally. Yearning to get out into the world.

Your the only one who feels it. Knows it.

It hasn't arrived yet, it's still the early stages-- you don't know the gender, you don't have a name picked out, but yet it somehow feels like you've known this thing forever. You're attached to it in every sense.

You stop doing things you used to do-- stuff that feels too much like work. You get a little lazier. You take more breaks-- just so you can spend more time with it. Thinking about it, and planning things out.

Your eyes grow more radiant than before. You smile like an absolute idiot more often.

You feel in love all the time. Mushy, head-over-heels.

You see it in everything-- people, places, sights, sounds. It follows you and haunts you no matter where you find yourself. It's there with you. Like a beautiful stalker.

Someday it will be born-- it will be out and alive and changing your life and the waiting world around it.

For now it's just an idea. But it's getting closer.    

Yes, I know. I've been gone for awhile. {insert major blush here}
But now I'm back. :) I may not post incredibly regularly because of how hectic things are, but I'll post more soon. 
Love you guys. 


  1. Dear Sailor,

    This is beautiful. I'm so glad to be reading your posts again. I (as you know) have been away from blogging for a while, too, but it was nice to re-enter the world with a post from you. They are always beautiful and inspiring and full of wonderful poetry. Things that make me shiver with joy.

    This whole post makes me think of a Till We Have Faces quote which I really love,

    I was with book, as a women is with child.

    I love it!! Truly, your writing is so wonderful. Are you with book?! I dearly hope so, because I would love to hear as much as you can tell me about it (I know when I'm with a story, it's very hard for me to share much, because I feel so much protection over it).

    Love you, darling!

  2. AHHHH THANK YOU so much for this. I've thought this so many cool to know that I'm not the only one who has secretly made this comparison. :)


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