postcard stories

I've never been much of a thrift store shopper, although I love them, but when I do go to thrift stores and consignment stores, I look at postcards.
Because postcards? Can be like novels.
They're old and they're dusty and dog-eared and lovely; with scribbled cursive handwriting that nearly no one can actually read unless they look very hard at it indeed. Maybe squint their eyes a little bit.
But they've got stories.
I found a batch that was from Europe- to a little girl in Pennsylvania from her parents.
Her mother added in one that she bought her some beads in London.
There were four from these parents in particular, so I was able to organize them by date and sort of storyboard their trip; see where they went and in what order. It was pretty cool.
And when I looked and read real close? I could tell the father's handwriting apart from the mother's.
It's like little bits of history; but sweet and personal too.
Scripty blue ink and old postage stamps and well wishes and hugs and kisses.
Needless to say, if I lived in any other era?
1940s. Oh chyeah.

Love lovee, kiss, hug,



  1. So cool. I have this older postcard that I think must be from a soldier in World War II who was writing to his parents from some sort of base in California.

    1. Ahhh, that is amazing!! Have you blogged about it yet?! If not, you really must! That sounds so cool.

  2. Oh hello dear,

    Long time no comment, eh? Yes, I know, I am really, really pathetic. I apologize for my pathetic-ness. Also, Iʻm probably going to intimately stalk and comment on all your surf/ocean posts you made, too, even though Iʻve already read and privately loved them all. You need to know how much I love them, too! (All though, in some ways, Iʻm sure you already know; you created the brilliant things!)

    Back to the topic: oh dear! Did you already know how much I love these, too?! Of course my collection is a whopping nothing, but we used to always go to this old antique store (that was the antique stores of all antique stores) in waimea, and my siblings and my favorite things were always the postcards. There is something so intimate and timeless about the elegant handwriting and out-dated tones those people they write in. I love it.

    As much as I draw inspiration for writing a lot of places, just reading those old postcards fills my mind with plots galore.

    You can find them at thrift stores?! I have only ever seen old ones at antique stores where everything is usually ridiculously over-priced.

    Thank you for the inspiration and being a wonderful writer. I loved to be renewed in delightful words. And, as always, your writing and pictures are wonderful.

    Love you,
    P.S. Thanks for the dear email. I will attempt to respond asap. ;)

    Oh, my word! The funniest thing just happened to me, dear. I swear your fishes will never give me peace of mind. So, I was minding my own business reading this comment once through and making sure there wasnʻt any egregious errors in it when, out of the corner of my eye, I see three darks shapes moving across my screen. My hands fly back immediately and my mind thinks, "Oh, no."

    But, of course, it wasnʻt some nefarious creatures intent on attacking my hands, instead, it was only some mild-mannered fish, minding there own business.

    ;P they always are haunting me.

    1. Firstly, you are NOT pathetic.
      Secondly, this comment? Like, made me week. Legit.
      You are awesome. I was hysterical over the fish thing. xDD They do look a bit creepy out of the corner of one's eyes. O_O
      Aww, so glad you liked the surfing posts! <3 I love writing them, of course. ^.^
      And that antique store? Sounds amazing. But then everything about Hawaii is awesome, so no big surprise there! Haha!
      Ahh, take your time with the email answering. It usually takes me eons to answer emails anyways.
      Love you too! God bless! *hugs*

  3. That is so cool! I've got to look for some postcards next time I'm at the thrift store.

    1. Thank you!! :) Yes, totally, it's an awesome place to look for them. ^^


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