it's good to be home

If you've ever seen the Prince of Egypt (one of the best movies ever, fyi), you'll know that song, right? The 'this is my home' one? It's one of my favorites. And even though I don't live in Egypt, I can totally relate. 
The best part of returning home from an adventure is being back amongst all my scribbles and essays and coffee and headphones and papers and pens and highlighters and bibles- especially those. There were only so many that could fit into my luggage, you know?
Some amazing things have been happening.
I have a whole lot of pictures to post.
But for now, just a few current bullet points:

• I've discovered that if you believe coffee is a beverage reserved for breakfast and pastries? You're grossly underestimating the beverage. (try, peets major dickason's blend + sun dried tomato triscuits.)

• I've discovered that three of my best friends in the whole entire universe are the apostle Paul, Martin Luther, and C.S. Lewis. I mean, seriously:

...I couldn't resist..♥

• I've discovered that taking notes is important

• that For King and Country is one of the best bands of all time, and that they have the coolest concerts and the coolest message:

• I've discovered that hanging out with sisters is amazing:

• ...and last, but certainly not least, that seagulls like ice cream:

Much more on all this to come super soon.

In Him,


  1. Haha, love the seagull notice :D

  2. That end sign is hilarious. "Leave here, and you are beyond our control. There is no help for you." (In the dark, mysterious voice of movie trailrs.) I'm weird. But come on. Poor seagulls. Who doesn't love ice cream?

    Sisters are the best!

  3. *Laughs* That sign about the seagulls is so funny! Haha!


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