needs sun. needs surf.


After what feels like five hundred thousand days of having the flu, I must admit that all I'm really craving at this point is sun sand and surf.

You heard me: some hard-core beach days.

My view each morning is a frozen, thick tundra; littered with holes carved by ice fishermen and inhabited by large, black, stalking crows waiting for handouts in their absence.

They seem to be the only creatures who dare to venture out onto the ice, with their cold little black sticky feet.

It's funny.

But I'm tired of the winter's loneliness.

I miss the buzz and hum and hubbub of warmth, and I can't help but yearn for it in a way that's impossible to describe.

My consolation? Chatting with my friend who lives in Hawaii about bodyboarding and why summer clothes are better than winter clothes.

It helps. It keeps my mind off the cold and the cough and the skating program that I only have a couple weeks to come up with.

In short, I can hardly wait to get back home to the sea and feel her rushing embrace. 
I can't wait to get back on my board.
I can't wait to soak in the sand and the sun and feel the salt drying in my air and on my skin.
I can't wait to have an adventure.

I promise that in the near future this blog will be a more exciting place.


ps. Scratched the ep. My sister and I released a single. For listening on sc and soon to be for download on itunes. Enjoy:

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