the shine

There's something about red surf boards.
The shape, the shine. Especially the shine.
Browsing surfboards on the Internet has become an addicting hobby. 
And it's made me absolutely crave the waves lately.
And I'm hoping- really hoping, that this summer? The long board I'll be using will be shiny and red. 
Eeeeepppp! Loving the thought.

I've never been fond of 'currently' posts for their lack of intrigue, so I won't even attempt to write one. They're especially boring in the winter because there isn't much to do except stay inside and amuse yourself with books.

The Wuest translation has been a constant companion.
The ice is finally thick enough to skate on.

...That's about it. How's your winter going?

Peace out,


  1. It's beautiful. :) :) Surfing is very high on my list of things to do someday...:D
    heeey!! i have a coffee mug almost just like yours! lol. It has owls around the rim and everything. My owls are slightly different though. ^_^
    My winter is going pretty good. :) If I had my way we'd have way more snow than we've gotten (It's only snowed once and it was melted the next day), but it's been a pretty warm winter here in MO for the most part! <3

    1. Same here!
      DUUUDE, THAT IS AWESOME! I love owls. ^.^
      I wish we didn't have so much snow!! But I shouldn't complain, because we haven't gotten that much this year....yet! XD
      Thanks girl!


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