the music project

men go abroad to 
W O N D E R 
at the heights of 
m o u n t a i n s, 
at the 
of the sea
a t   t h e   l o n g   c  o u r s e s 
of the rivers,
of the ocean
at the circular motions 
but they pass by 
and they don't even 
N O T I C E 

I've never claimed to be good at music.
I never tried to be good at it.
The shy art of writing is what I love, what I do. How I express joy and laughter in words.
But recently I needed some background music for a video- so I thought, what the heck, I'll make it myself.
My musical genius of a sister was busy, so I was left to do this song myself; using this rather complicated in-computer music software that few people have heard of, but I swear it's a hidden gem.
I fell in love with it and mixing my own music.
I found myself, when I wasn't writing, hogging my Mom's computer, downing giant mugs of black coffee and mixing tunes of unique beauty.
I think Jesus likes to nudge me into projects that are beyond the familiarness of my comfort zone. And beauty and pure joy are always the outcome. I love Him.
It's inspired me to learn guitar. Acoustic and electric.
And so, here I am, this kid who doesn't know anything about music, with about a dozen legit songs now.
What was I to do?
I started something I like to refer to as "the music project". Officially dubbed "Galaxy Bay"
A purely-for-joy on-a-whim deal. Just my sister and I making some tunes and sticking them on soundcloud for the enjoyment of whoever may or may not be listening.
Maybe some day it will morph into something even more than that.
But for now? I'm just enjoying doing this for fun. It's relaxing.
And maybe you all will like it too.

Hope you dig the first single- Notice.


Ps. check out our blog if you like:
Ps.s. Watch for our Purely For Joy EP coming out soon. Eeeeeppp!!


  1. I discovered the fun of messing around with songs and arrangments with computer software this month, too! IT's soooo much fun. I'm mainly been arranging, not writing, but it's just great! And I love what you had going! It sounds so professional!

    1. That's so cool, Mime! It is sooo much fun!
      Aww, thanks so much!


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