joyous ecstasies!

Lovin my new dogs.

It looks like I may just experience a snowless Christmas this year.

I can't help but be a little excited. I don't think I've ever really experienced one. I am a New England kid after all, 'member?
Where I come from, people are used to nine degree days and blizzards that smack down a twelve inch layer of intense powder.

But this year, we've so far only had a flurry here and there that melts as soon as it kisses the ground.

It's been interesting.

White Christmas's are cool, don't get me wrong. But I've seen a enough snow to last me a long time.

It's actually kind of insane- how Christmas is nearly here!

But this year has been different. I truly feel that I have been even further submerged into the entirety of the message of Christ's incarnation. The realization that when He incarnated? So did we.

We are in HIM! It's so exciting!

I so love #Christmas. Can hardly believe its already nearly here!!

This sheer bliss of the pure and happy gospel never ceases to send me bouncing off the walls with joy.

So we celebrate.

In. Love.

Warning: you may see a lot of these today. Because chapter 8 is so awesome. @benjamindunn #happygospel #blisssssss

My knees are finally feeling better, so it's back to the rink at least twice a week. And no more falls this time. Wooo!

Still missing summer and looking forward to rapidly approaching adventures, which I am already preparing myself for with all severe meticulousness of a newly enrolled boy scout. Sort of.

I've been craving a new guard for a while now, so I finally grabbed one online from RipCurl. You'll be seeing pictures. Whether you like it or not, I daresay. Baha.

So much as been going on lately, it's pretty crazy. I just want to kind of slow down and drink coffee and tea and write the rest of the novel my sis and I are working on. Look at new boards online and, above all submerge myself in the word. Scripture, Happy Gospel, Martin Luther, MLK, etc, etc. Such good food.

So may you have a slow fast day and may you fall into joyous ecstasies as we celebrate the incarnation of our life, love and Savior, Jesus!

Love, love, waves, hugs,

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  1. Hi Sailor! My name is Starz from Heaven Bound Beauties:) I wanted to thank you for the lovely comments you left on my blog! Also to tell you I love your blog and that I mentioned and dedicated my post "Beauty Tips and Christmas Wishes" to you!
    Merry Christmas, May we always remember him as the reason for the season:)


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