left hand in front

Last night was arriving at the rink early enough to get my figure skates sharpened.
It was testing them out on the totally carved-up closing public ice and eating it within the first five minutes. 
It was thrilling.
Then lessons.
Gained air on my toe loop. It was probably one of my best ever.
My coach taught me how to land it European style. With my left hand in front.
I bought Benjamin Dunn's Love Cloud to skate to. The album is crush worthy.
Then it was snowy blades and cold toes.
Listening to music in the car ride home and almost falling asleep.
And then it was The Men Who Built America series finale. 
Ford is so cool. Agree you not?

So what a boring post, right?
I'm planning some cool stuff. Has to do with grilled cheese.
And ice skating.
I'm thinking of perhaps vlogging sometime from the rink if there's a high enough demand for that. Or any at all , baha. xD You tell me. 

SO. Later, kids.



  1. oh! You can figure skate? geez. I've always wanted to be able to. :D It's so gorgeous.
    That picture is epic. ^_^

    1. Isn't it soo epic?
      IT'S SO MUCH FUN! You should try it. It's amazing. <33

  2. <333333333333333

    So spectacular, my friend.

  3. LOVE this post. And this picture! <3 I've heard a bit of Benjamin Dunn and I'm in love. It's gorgeous!!
    And, YES, I'd love to see a vlog at the skating rink!! Who wouldn't?? ;)
    Keep skating on, girl!
    Sammy Girl

    1. Isn't he awesome? <333 his music sooo much! Check out Circus of Love if you haven't yet. SOO amazing. ^.^
      Hahaha, shall do that then!
      Thanks so much girl!


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