i miss summer


I miss summer.
I miss the ocean.
I miss the salt in my hair and on my skin.
I miss the ebb and flow of the tides,
The gentle power of the rollers,
And the screaming rush of the breakers.
I miss the sound; the loud singing;
Paddling out.
Watching the rhythm.
Waiting for the right wave like Cinderella waited for Prince Charming.
Letting the motion roll around underneath me, singing. Dancing.
The wind,
the seagulls.
The rush in my veins when it arrives.
Grabbing it.
Pulling myself up on the board and letting it take me into shore; feeling the electric power pulsing around me.
Being not just in the wave, but part of it.
Resting my face on the board and looking to my left; watching the water ignite in the sun as they race like spinner dolphins. Watching my sister ride it with me; smiling, screaming, laughing.
I miss that.
I want to try surfing.
I want to feel the burning sand between my toes.
I want to feel the ice water.
I miss the ice water. The New England ocean.
I miss getting surf rashes. I actually miss it.
Getting banged up knees,
And waking up the next morning- feeling like I'm still rolling with the motion of the ocean.
I miss wearing my rashguard.
And climbing on the rocks.
And watching the tides.
And the sailboats.
And the sandpipers.
I miss it all.
I miss the heat.
I miss the round, endless ocean.
I miss summer.
She left abruptly and without a trace.
And she hasn't even sent me a postcard.
So tell me if you see her, okay?



  1. this.... is so beautiful. <3 you.
    And I so miss all of the above, too sis. But we'll do it again. SOON. O_O

    1. LOVE YOU SIS! YUUUSSS. SOOON. Mwahahahaa. Must.

  2. nope. haven't seen her around here. sorry. :P Just traces of autumn trying to squeeze in a few more warm days before winter shuts her out too. :) This post is just lovely. and someday, hopefully soon, I'm gonna see the ocean. I'm sure I'll fall in love instantly. I love the way you write about it. <3 <3

  3. I know what you mean, it's snowing here! Uggghh. YOU. WILL. LOVE. THE. OCEAN! I can tell you that for sure!


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