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Hey Guys!
Guess what? Today Noni from On a String is here to to guest post about photography! How exciting is this?
I love Noni's photography- as well as her lovely blog (which you should check out, by the way.) She's a sweet friend and I'm so glad that she could share her pictures with you guys today!
So without further ado, take it away, Noni!

Capture life
I think one of the biggest joys of photography, its capturing life. Getting someone in their moment, capturing forever a precious event. Life isn’t staged, its raw, its real and un-rehearsed. That’s why I love to capture in my photos. Just people being real. Just as its meant to be.

Tell a story
I must admit, that the concept of telling a story with a photograph has always been sort of hard for me to grasp. It’s a challenge. But one I’m beginning to understand.  
I've also learned that one of the nicest times to get a story capture, is on road trips! And who doesn't love a good road trip?

Let them be who they are
I’m not much into telling people to “say CHEESE!” so I’m pretty much the stealth photographer. It’s not my style to get up in people’s faces and tell them to pose this way and that {unless its for a paid session} I stay behind the scenes, because from there, I see people for who they really are, and that’s what I want in my photographs. I really love to sneak up on people.

Show a feeling

Sometimes I find it hard to show feeling in a picture. But that probably because I’m not relying on the true raw emotion that’s already there, I’m trying to create something that isn’t there. Part of capturing an emotion in a photograph, is being patient. Be patient for the moment to come. Because it will, and you better be ready, don’t be hesitant, when you see the perfect opportunity to get that laugh permanent, jump on it. When you see the opportunity to stop that tear, take it. This is something I’m still learning myself as well. 

i adore this one, she just appears so content with who she is. and really, she is.

On purpose
A lot of the time I set out, just me and my camera and tri-pod, and I used the self timer and just play around. I’m not always sure what I want to get, and I’m not always happy with what I do get. Sometimes I end up something really amazing, and it makes me so happy. Doing self timered shoots are a challenge, but I’ve been doing it for awhile now, so I’ve gotten some good practice.
And then there’s sessions you do with people. For money. These can be scary if you’re a beginner like me, and even a bit stressful. There’s so much to learn, and I need to learn it. I’ve learned to not be timid, or afraid to tell the person what to do. They expect to be ordered around. “Put your hand here”, “open your eyes more”, “scoot a little closer to your sister!”. These are the things you must say. But smile, make it fun, be really patient.  And get creative! Browse the internet looking for ideas on family sessions, or infant sessions. There’s always going to be someone to learn from. For me, what has really helped is pinterest. That place is artsy heaven!

Well, thats all the tips I really have on photography, I really hope you enjoyed this post!

i'm noni, just a fun kid who enjoys everything bright and beautiful in life. i enjoy creating things, inspiring people, photography, art and just about anything else that comes my way.
i specialize mostly in photography, drawing, and watercolor, but i love to dabble in all other art forms.
if you want, you can visit me at On A String.

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