library perks

So this summer I did intern work at my local library, and now I'm continuing to volunteer.

A week or so ago, I was packing up old/and/or discarded books into used boxes to be taken across the street to the church for their sales.

The floor was coated with hardcovers- mostly adult non-fiction.

Halfway through, the librarian poked her head around the corner of the nook I was working in and asked how it was going.
Good, I said.
By the way, she said, take whatever books you want-their yours. It's one of the perks of working at a library.
She chuckled and departed.
I said thanks, and, yes, she could still hear me because this is a one room library, mind you. The cutest one-room village library you've ever seen.

So as I packed up the rest of the dusty old books, I grabbed a few that appealed to me:

(Stack above)

- Song and Garden Birds of North America by the National Geographic Society
- O! Say Cab You See the story of America through great paintings A National Historical Society book with selections by Frederic Ray
- Masterpieces of Painting from the National Gallery of Art USA edited by Huntington Cairns and John Walker

Then a few days ago she gave me a couple books she came across about writing:

- How I Came to Be a Writer by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
& -The Making of a Writer by Joan Lowery Nixon

Now, as a rule, I never ever, ever read anything that gives me any advice on how to write or tips on writing- but I find it interesting to read about other authors, the books they wrote, etc.

I also checked out this book, which I've been waiting to get my hands on ever since it's release:

So yesterday was rainy, and rainy days always put me in the mood to either write or curl up in the chair by the h2o-pelted window and crack open a good book with a hot cuppa tea or coffee. Or both.
Same weather is predicted for this evening- so I think I know what I'll be up to today.

Below is a photograph of a painting in the Masterpieces book by Pieter De Hooch of a dutch courtyard. Pretty cool, right?
And below that, a painting by J.M.W. Turner called "Keelmen heaving in coals by moonlight". I love that one. It's a big picture, so I just took a couple shots and stuck them together.

Flipping open the cover, I was surprised to find that the two editors had signed the book! It's that swell?!
It was first printed in the 40's.

Then I glanced over the Nat Geo bird book. Which is pretty amazing.
And it has bird songs on little plastic record disc thingies! I'm psyched to try them out in my Mom's record player.
I remembered that National Geographic made those because they were one of the first groups to distribute the songs of humpback whales to the public which helped spark the movement against whaling. I mean, who couldn't help but fall in love with these beautiful singers and strive to protect them?

So, in short, I thought this was a pretty groovy find.

So I guess I've proved it. Working at the library definitely does have it's perks. :)



  1. Dude. That is awesome.
    I heard you saying something about that record in the bird book.. so cool. :D

    Awesome pictures, too. The ones you took. Haha.

    1. Dude, I know right?! The records are so way cool. <3 :D
      Thank you, sister!

  2. Volunteering at the library? You are completely awesome. For real. =) And I would just about die if a librarian told me I could take any of the discards.

    P.S. Love the photo of you in the last post =)

    1. Aww, thank you, Lydia! It IS super duper fun. I <3 it.
      Bahaha, Discards are awesome. Someones discard is someone elses favorite book. :D
      Thanks, girl!


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