day 9: open cockpits & black outs

So it's a little hard, listening to the coffee brewing in the kitchen at nine o'clock in the morning- and even worse -inhaling the wafts of sweetness as I sit at the kitchen table.
But seriously? Who cares. 9 days of water and counting feels so good.
To know that someone will have water for a lifetime because of this 2 week sacrifice? Yeah. That makes this girl's heart feel super happy.
It's 11:01 AM ...and the power just went out for 2 seconds and came back on. How thrilling. Thankfully I'm currently writing on my laptop so I didn't just loose everything I typed. Not that I typed very much at all. Ha. Ha.
Okay, so far this post is pretty dull. Minus the coffee part.
Topic change: this summer is my first summer of driving my family's boat.
I'd been procrastinating on taking the course to get my license, but this summer I finally 'bit the bullet' as they say, and got my license.
And I have to admit it: it was so beyond worth it.
The hours of studying and the aggravating test totally paid off, because driving a boat is probably one of the coolest things ever. So much different from just going along for the ride.
And my first day out? My Dad and I saw a small, blue and white single engine plane with what looked like an open cockpit.
She was flying quite low right over our heads as we meandered down the larger part of the lake.
So we waved.
And the pilot waved back.
It was ripping awesome.


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