who you really are

For me- a landlocked dream sailor -seeing the ocean for the first time in months is like reuniting with a long lost best friend- someone that you are so close to you can actually read their thoughts, experience their joy or pain and practically feel their heart beating in your own chest.

Yeah. That's pretty much how I'd describe it.

Unabridged ecstasy.

I swear, I need the ocean more than I need food.

My cravings for the salty troposphere, smeared with soft evening sunglow and seagulls' cries can sometimes break past the boundaries of what I deem tolerable.

I love the sticky coarseness her saltwater leaves in my tangled hair and on my skin; ocean skin.

I love the colours and the sounds and the feeling.

I love how she plays with me- races me to shore with her waves cresting and crashing around my ankles- then drawing back again and pulling the soft sand out from underneath my pale bare feet; so soft and gentle, yet wild untamed- violent and beautiful in the same breath- igniting some undomesticated desire in the deepness of your being: a realization of absolute freedom and power- total oneness with God. With Love. With the eternal.

A taste- a knowing -of who you really are.

 (^one of my favorites from the trip. Someone left a faucet going on the boardwalk, and before my Dad shut it off I took a photo from ground level of the sunset ignighting the splashing water)

(And yes, this was my first time seeing wild palm trees.)

Gosh, I love the ocean.



  1. aahh! *jealous* Great pictures, Sailor!
    btw. You are a fantastic writer. This was a loverly post. ^_^

    1. Aww, thank you so much, RinskiiJoy! That mean sooo much to me! *hugs*

  2. the ocean and me.... mmm i love LOVE it! i think as much as you! cause i definitely could relate. :) and beautiful post sailor! it made me feel as if i were there... and i LOVE THAT PIC!!! the one of the "ignited splashes" :)

    1. I'm sure you do, Jolie! Thank you SO much! The ocean is amazing and I'm so glad you enjoyed this post and that it made you feel as if you were there...that's exactly what I hope my writing does!
      Thank you! :-) <3

  3. I feel every emotion on the post. I know how you feel about the sea. I feel it myself. It's almost indescribable, all I know is every time I'm by the ocean I feel an overwhelming joy.

    Your pictures... Your words... together.... Brilliance! I love, love your writing, dear. It's simply lovely. "Unabridged ecstasy." Wonderful. So wonderful.

    I LOVE the pictures of the ocean. they are so beautiful. I feel like I'm there.


    Thank you, Sailor.

    1. Exaclty! I feel such overwhelming joy when I'm at the ocean, too. It's soooo amazing. <3
      Awww, thank you so so much!! Seriously.. you're comments always, always make my day!! Thanks so much. <3 :-)


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