welcome to the real florida

When you're a tourist, you pay attention to the signs.
And according to the signs at Fort Clinch, we camped in "the real Florida".
...And it's safe to say we had a total blast.

Beach. Of course. <3

 huge shell
 plant life
  my amazing sisters! I love them so SO much. <3
yep. It's a real cannon 
 matching sunglasses. BECAUSE WE'RE THAT COOL.
 How do you end a perfect afternoon in the real Florida?
Easy. Like so:

Peace out,


  1. Looks like you had fun! How come I didn't realize you have two sisters? Hm. Now I know :D Your campsite looks very Florida-ish. And oh . . . what is the hanging moss called? Can't remember it for the life of me. My brain must have a short :p

  2. Oh, the beach is always sooo much fun. And sisters are just great.

  3. i've lived in florida pretty much my whole life and i think you've captured the essence of my home-state really well. even the iced coffee ;)


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