ron jons and why i love body boarding

So when you're an ocean nerd who's been going to the coast for as long as you've been alive to see the waves break? Chances are you've gotten pretty into it.
I've been body boarding for years now and it's gotta be one of my favorite sports.
It's a lot like surfing- which I plan on trying sometime -but instead of being on top of the wave, you're in the wave.
And that's what I love; feeling the supercharged surge- the ocean's heartbeat. It's radically spectacular, I'll admit. 
Now, as a New England kid, I'm not picky when it comes to water temperatures, because until this last road trip I've only been catching waves in Maine. 
And unless it's midsummer? The water is pretty darn cold up there.
But that never stops my sister and I.
So you can probably imagine my total elation when I got into the surf at Cape Canav.
It felt like I was in a bathtub. A really, REALLY, big bathtub.
The water was heaven.
The waves were huge, fast and breaking hard; so much so, in fact that my relatively new board got busted in half- not to mention the amount of saltwater that ended up in my eyes and mouth. But I needn't bore you with gory details.
Lets just say, getting slapped in the face by five foot breaking rollers is a new hobby of mine. ;)
And this time Abbs and I actually convinced Dad to go boarding with us!
There was one prob though; Abbie needed a new board and Dad didn't have one.
The solution?
A fifteen minute ride with all the windows rolled down slammed us smack in the middle of Cocoa Beach, and there-  looking rather like a castle in the blazing morning sunlight - was:
The place is like the LL Bean's for wave-riders and beach bums! I can honestly tell you, without any exaggeration, that I could have spent a few days in this place. That's how awesome it was. And there was a starbucks across the street, hence making the notion all the more attractive and possible.

The surf boards were drool worthy. And the ones on display were all off-shelf wicked rare collectibles too. The proprietor's private collection. The woman at the register told us that one dude offered the owner more money than one would spend on a house for one of those boards.
It was pretty insane.

Yeah, I'm one of those kids who gets easily distracted in stores. Hence the above photo.
But hey, I did remember to grab a new rash guard. You'll see it eventually.

That girl right there? Yeah. That's my sister. THE BODY BOARDING MACHINE.
If there was a good wave she was riding it all the way too the sand while I was mis-timing and getting slammed off my board. Safe to say Dad and I were sorta speechless. 

Wicked pricey, wicked amazing body boards. Also drool-worthy.

Umm...documenting the uneventfully funness of sunscreen shopping?

^ Some of the first boards ever made and used. Not even kidding.

Of course there were dolphins. <3

Tired of listening to me rant yet?
Baha. Okay. I'm stopping.
But a few more things a'fore I wrap this post up:

This post is tota dedicated to Rebekah W from over at My Blue Castle (one of my favorite blogs. Check it out.) who is also crazy into body boarding like myself.
And of course to Abbs, my body boarding seester who owns me when it comes to the sport. ;)

So guys: my next post is most likely going to be a recipe/DIY thingie, but after that I guess I'll upload the Q&A vlog! So do ask questions below (and thanks to the awesome peeps who did on the other post).

Okay. I really need to stop ranting. I love you all and have a superfabstellar day, alright?

Peace out,


  1. This looks awesome. I've never been around the ocean much, but I love reading about it on your blog (and Rebekah's blog) =)

  2. maaaan....I really love those pictures. I wanna go there sooo bad!! :o It's stunning. ^_^
    I want to go bodyboarding someday. I really do. Maybe you can teach me how. ^_^
    <3 <3 Glad you are having a great time!

  3. OCEAN!! <333 One time I swam in one of the Great Lakes while visiting one of my mom's friends. I had such a blaaaaaast that I'd do it over again in a heartbeat. :D Ever since seeing Soul Surfer I've been dying to try surfing, but I'll try body boarding too any day!
    I also really, reeeeeally wanna check out Ron Jon now! Too bad I'm in a land-locked state. Anyway, I love all these pictures and am so glad you had such a blast! :D God bless, girl! <3

  4. Hahahaha, dedicated to ME?!!!!!!! Excuse the crazy laughing, I was just so surprised, and flattered!!!! Hehe, me?!!!!! Awww, that's so nice. I was just going to say what an honor it is to finally meet (figuratively) someone on blogger who loves to bodyboard, too (and actually calls it's bodyboarding, not boogieboarding.. ehm, pet peeve)!!!!! But then you went all awesome on me, and dedicated it and all that. You really outdid me.

    But anyways, YES!!!! Someone else (A GIRL!!!) who is crazy about bodyboarding, too! Finally. Whenever people ask if I do a sport, I'm like, "bodyboarding...?" It's a sport, right? I know the rush, it's amazing. And oh my word, you broke your board? That sounds intense. Don't spare us, TELL us the gory details. ;)

    Anyways, now I'm craving the beach again, as I have been since I went a couple days ago. Thanks. ;)
    Yeah, the waves were pretty nice last time I went, although I kept getting smashed on the sand after each wave, and all the cool people were just sitting on the sand, no doubt laughing at my unspectacular endings. But that's ok, I got some awesome tubes.

    Lastly, isn't it so much better to bodyboard with sisters? I have two, and it makes everything so much lovelier. ;)



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